SANA: Survivors Helping Each Other Navigate Forward

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SANA Study

Survivors helping each other navigate forward

SANA Study

Fred Hutch recruiting Latino cancer survivors to participate in a support group study

Puget Sound-area Latino cancer survivors are needed to participate in support groups as part of a Fred Hutch study called SANA: Survivors Helping Each Other Navigate Forward or Sobrevivientes Apoyándose a Navegar Adelante.

The goal of the SANA Study, is to learn more about the needs of Latinos who have survived cancer. The researchers hope to learn specifically whether going to a support group helps survivors better deal with their cancer experience and long-term side effects.

“This is particularly relevant for the growing Latino population, as the quality of life of Latino survivors tends to be significantly lower and stress higher than that of non-Hispanic whites. As the number of cancer survivors increases, so will the need to address these issues among Latinos,” said study principal investigator Rachel Ceballos, Ph.D.

Participants Must:

  • Be Latino and speak Spanish
  • Be 18-years or older
  • Reside in King, Snohomish or Pierce County


Sessions and compensation

There are 10 sessions in the support group curriculum and each session will last about two hours.  Participants will have an opportunity to take part in one of two groups. One group will participate in the support group and the other will serve as a control, or comparison, group and receive no group intervention, but still be able to contribute to the science. Participants in both groups will be asked to complete questionnaires. 

Support groups will be held in a location convenient for the participants. All participants will be compensated for their time with up to $60 in gift cards.

Why study support groups?

Informational and social support groups have emerged as effective ways to help reduce the emotional and physical burdens of cancer survivorship. However, the availability and uptake of such programs among Latino survivors is greatly limited, especially for Spanish-preferring individuals. 

The SANA Study will offer culturally appropriate, Spanish-language support groups to Seattle-area cancer survivors. This is an extension of a previous study conducted in the Lower Yakima Valley region of Washington.  Preliminary data show this support group program improved quality of life and decreased levels of distress. 

If you would like to participate or to find out more about this study, please contact: Nohora Cuervo or Jose Mayorga at (206) 465-2274 or click here.

Your participation in our support-group study will help us better understand if support groups are beneficial to cancer survivors. Please join us and together we can help survivors deal with their cancer!

If you would prefer, you may request information or send questions/comments to us. Thank you in advance for your consideration and participation.