Cancer Prevention Program

Integrated Sensor Technology for Real-Time Recording of Dietary Intake

PI: Alan Kristal, DrPH

This project is developing a Diet Data Recorder System (DDRS), which consists of three components: (1) the Diet Data Recorder (DDR), a handheld device that records optical, acoustic and direct-entry of data on food intake; (2) a database and software to calculate food volume and generate text from voice recordings; and an interface to allow nutrition coders to transfer DDR data into the University of Minnesota Nutrient Data System for Research (NDSR) for nutrient analysis.  This DDRS is designed for clinical and epidemiological research, as a replacement for written food diaries.  The DDRS addresses several limitations of food diaries, including (a) inaccurate capture of food portion size; which is the single largest source of error in calculating nutrient intake; (b) high participant burden and required high literacy, which limits study participation to those who are highly-motivated and well-educated; and (c) reactivity, which is a change in dietary behavior due to record keeping.