Cancer Prevention Program

Move and Moderate in Balance (MOVE'M): A TREC Worksite Health Study

PI: Shirley Beresford PhD

Move and Moderate in Balance (MOVE 'M) is a randomized worksite health study designed to reduce weight gains through modifying dietary intake and physical activity. Many aspects of the environment in developed countries, including the worksite environment, contribute to physical inactivity and high caloric intake. This leads to an imbalance of energy intake and energy expenditure, resulting in weight gain at the individual level. This study is designed to engage the worksite to simultaneously change environmental cues and build individual skills for managing energy intake and increasing physical activity. We are recruiting and randomizing about 30 worksites in four separate waves, to a two-year intervention in which we will:

  • Influence the worksite environment, including policies and procedures, by increasing worksite access to healthy foods and physical activity opportunities; and
  • Promote individual behavior change through increasing awareness of energy balance; building a physical activity intervention that will promote increased levels of energy expenditure through the combination of increased daily physical activity and regular, structured exercise and integrating a dietary intervention that will promote decreased calorie intake. The intervention is based on an ecological model, incorporating the worksite environment, the organizational level, and the individual level, and is being conducted over two years. The intervention is designed so that it can be sustained after the research is concluded. At the two year point, a follow-up evaluation is being conducted using a new cross-sectional sample of current employees for the individual level assessment, and a repeat assessment of the worksite environment. When the follow-up is completed, the comparison worksites will be offered the intervention in a condensed form, as a delayed intervention.
  • (Contact: Jo Henderson)