Cancer Prevention Program

Long-term Follow-up of the Family And Cancer Therapy Selection (FACTS) Study Participants

PI: Scott Ramsey, MD, PhD

Building on the successfully completed Family And Cancer Treatment Selection (FACTS) study (SIP25-04), this project will conduct a long-term follow-up of localized prostate cancer patients and their partners. This study will evaluate how prostate cancer has influenced patients’ and partners’ expectations from and satisfaction with medical care, their relationship, personal issues such as cancer worry and health behaviors, activities and plans for the future.  The 2006 Institute of Medicine report - Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition - highlighted the clinical, emotional, and practical issues that survivors face, and called for better coordination of care for survivors. Unfortunately despite attention from the IOM report, patients and their family members continue to face poorly coordinated care between a mix of specialty and primary care providers that could greatly be improved.1-3 Additionally, the study will compare and contrast long-term survival issues of prostate cancer survivors and their partners with those of survivors of other cancers (bladder, colorectal, and lung). Because the ideal treatment for local stage prostate cancer is uncertain and likely is influenced by patient and partner preferences, the overall goal of the study is to understand how treatment choices influence outcomes for the couple.