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ATME Affinity Group Seminars

Analysis Tools and Methods for High-Throughput Genomic Data

When: 1:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted

: M4-A805/A817 unless otherwise noted

Sponsors: Chad He, Janet Stanford, Ruth Etzioni

October 25, 2018

Teresa S. Kim, University of Washington

Neoadjuvant therapy induces a potent inflammatory and corresponding regulatory response within the sarcoma immune microenvironment

Soft tissue sarcoma is a prototype for many solid tumors, which are curable when localized, but prone to recurrence and metastasis, at which point survival is limited and more effective treatment strategies are essential. In the current project, we are utilizing multiple techniques of immunologic investigation, including multiplex immunohistochemistry (mIHC), and transcriptomic analysis with the NanoString platform, to define: (1) the immune response to sarcoma, (2) the effect of preoperative radiation and chemotherapy, and (3) the patterns of immune infiltration that predict treatment response and clinical outcome. We will discuss the benefits of each technique, our findings in sarcoma, and applicability to other solid tumors.