M Power Registry

Mpower Prostate Cancer Registry

Our Registry

Mpower will capture statewide trends on prostate cancer.  Having a registry will help to expand our knowledge about prostate cancer risk prediction, diagnostic trends, treatment patterns, outcomes and quality of life.  This will be done by  tracking the outcomes and quality of life of patients and measure trends.

Our goal is to influence the future of prostate cancer by comparing treatment experiences that will inform the healthcare community and enable better treatment decisions.

What information will we collect on our survey?

Survey participants will be asked questions about their:

  • clinical diagnosis
  • treatment information
  • side effects experienced
  • overall quality of life
  • family history
  • lifestyle


What will you learn from the information collected?

Participants will able to compare their experience with the Mpower prostate cancer patient community. Below is an example of a report generated from data to be collected, showing an individual's experience compared to other participants.

Benefits of Participation

  • Compare your experience with other participants
  • Information to help patients make informed decisions
  • Trends will be used to advocate for the needs of prostate cancer patients, locally and nationally

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