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Our experts have answered the questions they are asked most often about prostate cancer. Learn about prostate cancer prevention, screening, nutrition and treatment options.  Ask a doctor your question.

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Dr. Michael Schweizer

Michael Schweizer, MD

Dr. Schweizer cares for patients with genitourinary cancers that include prostate, testicular, kidney, and bladder. His research focus includes translational genitourinary cancer and novel therapeutics/drug development. He is an assistant professor of Medicine and Oncology at University of Washington School of Medicine and assistant member in the Clinical Research Division at Fred Hutch. 

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Dr. Marian Neuhouser

Marian Neuhouser, PhD, RD

Dr. Neuhouser's research focuses on diet and physical activity in relation to energy balance and cancer risk, specifically of the breast and prostate. Her research projects include both observational and intervention studies. She is also working on ways to improve methods of diet and physical activity assessment and the extent to which biological markers can improve upon measures of self-report. 

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Dr. Ruth Etzioni

Ruth Etzioni, PhD

Dr. Etzioni focuses on innovative statistical and computer modeling to project the outcomes of cancer control interventions in an effort to develop a deeper, more mechanistic understanding of cancer progression. Projects include interrogation of trends in prostate cancer in the U.S. population to quantify the roles of treatment changes, to interpret the results of the large prostate cancer screening trials, to generate unique insights about prostate cancer natural history and over-diagnosis due to PSA screening. 

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Dr. Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright, MD

Dr. Wright specializes in urologic oncology, treating bladder, prostate, kidney, penile and testicular cancers.  He studies the epidemiology of prostate cancer risk and progression and genetics. His specific research interest is in the role of obesity and nutrition in prostate cancer.   Wright is a surgeon at UW Medical center and clinician at the UW Neighborhood Factoria Clinic in Bellevue.  He also teaches residents surgical skills, interpersonal skills at the bedside and developing the research concepts. 

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Dr. John Gore, MD

John Gore, MD

Dr. Gore is a clinician, surgeon, researcher and educator specializing in urologic oncology and general urology. His research focuses on studying issues of access to care and quality of care for patients with prostate and bladder cancers. He is recognized for minimally invasive and robotic surgeries for kidney cancer, nephrectomy with vena caval thrombectomy, continent urinary diversions after removal of the bladder for bladder cancer, and reconstructive urologic surgery.

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