About Us

Mpower Prostate Cancer Registry

About Us

A partnership between Fred Hutch, the Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition and urologists across Washington state, and eventually the entire Northwest region, who are interested in improving how we treat prostate cancer patients.

We aim to better understand the experiences of men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Washington state. The Mpower project will collect statewide trends on prostate cancer patient experiences by asking questions about diagnosis, treatment and quality of life.  

Why build a registry?

Prostate cancer is the most common solid tumor and the second leading cause of cancer death among U.S. men.  While surgery, radiation and active surveillance are all appropriate treatments for men with prostate cancer, there is still tremendous uncertainty about what is the most effective therapy. 

This means that patients, families and clinicians often lack the information they need to make the best choices for treatment.  A registry of patient information will provide much needed data to educate patients, inform decision-making and assist in finding a cure.

Helping to make connections

Prostate cancer support groups are an important community resource to help with care decision making, health navigation and emotional support. Many men find their support groups to be a very valuable and unbiased source of information from those who have gone through cancer themselves.

There are a number of prostate support groups in Washington.  To find a group near you, visit the Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition website.

Engaging Key Stakeholders

  • Patients and their families to learn more about experiences.
  • Healthcare providers to use the registry to assist with patient education and informed decision making on screening and treatment options
  • Men who have had prostate cancer to participate in a survey to identify ties to quality of life for prostate cancer patients and uncover patient needs for advocacy and support.