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Fred Hutch's International Research Projects

Fred Hutch has an international reputation for excellence in cancer research and treatment as a comprehensive cancer center. Its work has led to many breakthroughs in the development of effective, widely-used treatment and prevention approaches for a variety of cancers and other diseases. Since the Center's founding in 1975, it has been a leader in discovering the mechanisms by which the immune system fights diseases.

The Hutch's strength lies in world-class research programs that range from activities at the lab bench to the bedside and beyond to the population. Center scientists are successful in translating what has been learned in the laboratory to effective therapeutic interventions and conduct research on many of the diseases that have global impact. These include cancers of the stomach, liver, lung, cervix, and immune system, as well as HIV infection/AIDS. In addition, the Hutch scientists lead and participate in international collaborations to assess disease risk in populations and to improve methods for early detection of cancer.

Fred Hutch is committed to improving world health through international research collaborations.