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Hutch Data Commonwealth

Engage. Enhance. Enable.

The Hutch Data Commonwealth (HDC) is a transformative initiative that aims to bring innovative big data capabilities to the fingertips of all Hutch investigators. HDC will enhance translational research and enable a new data-driven science by expanding center competencies and collaborations around impactful data-related initiatives.

HDC will consist of a team of data scientists, engineers and analysts in a cross-divisional operating structure and serve as a hub for scientists seeking to conduct data driven projects.

Graphic by Jim Woolace / Fred Hutch

HDC will serve as a hub for researchers

HDC will consist of a team of data scientists, engineers and analysts in a cross-divisional operating structure. A steering committee, comprising Hutch investigators from all five divisions will connect HDC with scientific research at the center ensure that HDC is serving and enhancing the scientific mission of Fred Hutch. Visit our team site to learn more.

HDC will serve as a hub for investigators seeking to conduct data-driven projects and will work collaboratively with center scientists to identify and source appropriate datasets, develop tools for accessing and visualizing data, and implement analytic approaches that are reproducible and responsive to scientific objectives. The HDC data analytics platform will be applicable across the entire spectrum of data relevant to Hutch scientific investigations from the molecular level to the population level. 

HDC will also serve as a resource for clinical research informatics at Hutch, expanding and refining efforts to build a clinical research data repository initiated under the HIDRA program, and providing engineering and analytics expertise to support additional informatics capabilities across the consortium.

Five-year goals

  • Build cross-divisional capabilities in Data Science
  • Develop a model to support and enhance investigator-driven research that involves novel/complex data resources
  • Deploy an analytics platform for the entire range of translational research from molecular to population science
  • Establish strategic data acquisition/partnering capabilities
  • Create training opportunities for Hutch researchers through seminars, symposiums, and direct grant support
  • Become competitive for big data initiatives and grants