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Community Events

Edmonds Community College MESA Student Visit

On April 18, 2014, fifteen students from the Edmonds Community College Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement (MESA) students visited Fred Hutch to meet scientists, learn about their science and visit laboratories. This was a two hour event organized by Hutch United. The event began with mingling with light refreshments and introductions by the students. Most students expressed an interest in biomedical sciences. The remainder of the event was broken down into two segments: a panel discussion and lab tours.

Panel Discussion: In order to expose the students to scientists at different levels of their careers, Hutch United had the following individuals serve as mentors/panelists for the visit:

  • Rachel Ceballos (Faculty, Public Health Sciences)
  • Oliver Fregoso (Postdoc, Emerman Lab, Human Biology)
  • Laura Martinez (Graduate Student, Salama Lab, Human Biology)
  • Gerald Mbara (Graduate Student, Galloway lab, Human Biology)

The panel discussion was moderated by Kiran Dhillon (Postdoc, Taniguchi Lab, Human Biology). The panelists discussed their educational and career backgrounds, including motivations at different decision points and challenges they faced on their journeys. This was followed by an engaging question/answer session.

Lab Tours: The ECC MESA students were broken down into three groups and taken on a lab tour circuit comprised of three stops:

  • Taniguchi lab (lead by Tony Abeyta)
  • Emerman lab (lead by Oliver Fregoso)
  • Salama lab (lead by Laura Martinez and Illana Cohen, grad student in Salama lab)

Gerald Mbara, Kiran Dhillon and Bish Paul (Graduate Student, Keim Lab, CRD) chaperoned the students on the tour circuit.

Overall the students received first-hand exposure to research science (many for the first time!) and to the unique paths that FHCRC scientists have taken to get here. Hutch scientists expressed enthusiasm and satisfaction for the opportunity they had to serve as mentors and catalyze interests of students in scientific research!

Photos from ECC MESA visit

MESA visitors listen to Hutch United mentors discussing their educational and career background

Hutch United mentors and MESA students

Kiran Dhillon and Oliver Fregoso, Hutch United mentors, and MESA students

Laura Martinez, Hutch United mentor, and MESA students

Oliver Fregoso, Hutch United mentor, and MESA student

Rachel Ceballos and Gerald Mbara, Hutch United mentors

Tony Abeyta, Hutch United mentor, showing MESA students crystal violet-stained cells

MESA students in the Taniguchi Lab

Tony Abeyta, Hutch United mentor, talking about his experiemnt with MESA students

Oliver Fregoso, Hutch United mentor, outside the Emerman Lab

Oliver Fregoso, Hutch United mentor, talking about his work in the Emerman Lab to MESA students

Bish Paul, Hutch United mentor, speaking with MESA students outside the Salama Lab