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Patient Resources

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The cost of cancer treatment, supportive care, and related services —along with nonmedical costs such as child care and lost income— can be financially devastating, even for patients with medical insurance. The urgency and frequency of treatment, uncertain outcomes, inconsistent access to financial assistance programs, and lack of cost transplarency all contribute to the financial challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

HICOR relies on strong partnerships to accelerate collaborative research, education and information sharing, and engagement in programs aiming to reduce the financial burden on patients. Our regional and national partners carry this shared vision forward by connecting patients, caregivers and families with critical resources and support to mitigate the financial burden of cancer treatment.


Financial Burden Contributing Factors

Patient / Disease

  • Pre-diagnosis financial status
  • Frequency of treatment
  • Urgency of treatment
  • Availability of treatment options
  • Uncertain outcome
  • High out-of-pocket spending

Health System

  • Lack of cost transparency
  • Lack of financial literacy
  • Inconsistent access to patient assistance programs