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Value in Cancer Care Summit

Attendees at HICOR's Value in Cancer Care Summit held on Jan. 24, 2014 worked together to define value metrics for cancer care

On January 24, 2014, HICOR hosted the Value in Cancer Care Summit at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle. The purpose of the summit was to build a stakeholder-driven regional process that continually improves the value of cancer care provided to our patients. The event opened an engaging, highly interactive dialogue between providers, payers, and patients (see organizational and participatory sponsors, below), and resulted in successful prioritization of areas where we, as a region, can improve value in cancer care.

Through participatory breakout sessions and consensus building exercises, the group was able to identify twelve meaningful, clinically actionable, feasible, and ultimately high-priority areas.  Further discussion and distillation revealed six areas of focus:

1.       Rate of chemotherapy at end of life
2.       Use of navigator, care coordinator, or case manager
3.       Documentation of consultation and/or conversation about palliative care and hospice
4.       Adherence to primary cancer treatment guidelines
5.       Biomarker and molecular testing
6.       Unanticipated hospital admission

By the end of February, HICOR will define a preliminary set of representative and measurable metrics for these areas, and share them with summit stakeholders for comment. After an iterative review and vetting process, HICOR will then publish a “vanguard” set of metrics for public comment at a forum in late spring.  

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Setting the Stage - Value in Cancer Care Summit
Gary Lyman, Co-Director HICOR

Core Value: Distributive Justice
Denise Dudzinski, Associate Profewssor & Director of Graduate Studies

Next Steps: Ranking, Prioritization and Summary
Scott Ramsey, Co-Director, HICOR


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Allied Health Advocates
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Region X
Confluence Health
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Gilda’s Club
Island Hospital
Northwest Medical Specialties Overlake Hospital
Providence Regional Cancer Partnership
Washington State Health Care Authority