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Value in Cancer Care Initiative

HICOR’s Value in Cancer Care Initiative is a coalition of provider groups, health insurers, businesses and patient groups who are working to define, collect and share oncology value measures in Washington State. HICOR is leading the effort to develop consensus these measures and to coordinate collection and reporting over time.

Our guiding framework is that value measures must be: meaningful, feasible to collect and actionable.

Upcoming Events

Value in Cancer Care Summit
March 30, 2015
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Past Events
Value in Cancer Care Town Hall
May 19, 2014

Value in Cancer Care Summit
January 24, 2014


  • Meaningful: Measures that are meaningful will matter to patients, families and other health care stakeholders.
  • Available:  Measures that are available or feasible to collect will leverage rather than duplicate or add to existing data collection efforts.
  • Actionable:  actionable measures will be amenable to intervention if improvement is needed. 

Value Measures as determined from the Value In Cancer Care Summit

The Value in Cancer Care Summit held on January 24, 2014 resulted in determining Six Value Measures including:

  1. Rate of chemotherapy at end of life
  2. Use of health care navigator, care coordinator or case manager
  3. Documentation of conversation and/or consultation about hospice or palliative care 
  4. Biomarker and molecular testing
  5. Adherence to primary therapy guidelines
  6. Unanticipated hospital admission

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An interactive, inclusive process

HICOR engages the oncology, patient, and payer and provider community in an interactive process in order to identify opportunities to test interventions to improve care.

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