Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research

HICOR model

Engaging Partners

We are bringing together cancer care providers, patients and other organizations to integrate their cancer-related data, investigate trends and identify the most effective treatments and approaches.


Testing New Models

Our research partners are sharing data, defining research priorities and conducting joint projects to test new models of cancer care and financing to align best practices and improve outcomes.


Value in Cancer Care

HICOR leads a consensus-based initiative involving clinicians, patients, payers, providers, patient advocates, and researchers to define value measures for Washington State.

Quality Metrics

Data-Driven Solutions

Healthcare costs in the United States are increasing at a faster rate than other countries, but life expectency and other patient outcomes are not improving. Accurate, timely and accessible data are essential to addressing these trends.

Financial Burden of Cancer

Supporting Patients

HICOR collaborates with local and national organizations to investigate the impact of financial toxicity and to bolster support for patients, caregivers and families.

Practical Tools


Our database links health insurance claims with the state cancer registry to offer updated reporting on quality of care and cost trends.