Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research

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Value in Cancer Care Summit
March 30, 2015
Bell Harbor International Conference Center


HICOR is a research institute dedicated to reducing the human and economic burden of cancer for patients, families and society. We develop and apply innovative scientific methods in health economics, clinical and public health research, and data science to enhance value in cancer care and improve outcomes for patients.

HICOR Director Dr. Scott Ramsey and Co-Director Dr. Gary Lyman, both members in the Cancer Prevention Research Program in the Public Health Sciences Division, lead a multidisciplinary team that engages novel partners – patient organizations, oncologists, cancer care delivery systems, industry leaders, public and private insurers and policymakers – to ensure that our results are relevant, timely and actionable in the real world.

“Patients and families are shouldering a higher burden of the cost of care – both increased insurance premiums and higher out of pocket costs – and we know that in cancer, this burden can affect quality of life and cause delays in treatment. HICOR is developing strategies to improve the quality of cancer care while bringing down the costs,” said Lyman.

Value in Cancer Care Initiative

Fred Hutch, along with a coalition of provider groups, health insurers, and businesses are jointly launching a statewide Value in Cancer Care Initiative.

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The rising costs of healthcare spending

US healthcare spending and cancer treatment costs are increasing, but patient outcomes are not improving. How does that compare with the rest of the world?

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What are HICOR's research priorities?

HICOR faculty are researching everything from the financial impact of cancer to the value of data and information to what teatments result in best outcomes. 

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