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Research Projects

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Enhancing Survival
Through interventions and longitudinal evaluations of survivors, we are defining programs for enhancing quality of life after cancer treatment.  Our research includes a focus on long-term and late effects of hematopoietic cell transplantation.  We have developed online and other technology-integrated strategies for reaching survivors and providing for their needs whenever and wherever they may occur.  With the Survivorship Program we are focusing on identifying health problems and quality of life concerns of adolescent and young adult cancer survivors.

Mechanisms for Musculoskeletal and Cardiomyopathy Late Effects
We have a major commitment to assessing muscle problems after cancer treatment, and developing mouse models that allow us to identify the mechanisms that underlie cardiac and skeletal muscle late effects of chemotherapy.

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Symptom and Quality of Life (QOL) Measures

These measures have been developed by the biobehavioral sciences department under the direction of Dr. Karen Syrjala. These copyrighted measures are available for use by investigators without a charge. However, to receive permission to use a measure and to receive a scoring manual, please email your request, describing briefly your planned research, to