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Patient Materials

Relieving Cancer Pain DVD and Book

In the DVD, "Relieving Cancer Pain," cancer patients and clinicians discuss problems and solutions for managing cancer pain.

The accompanying book contains five sections:

  1. Basic information about barriers to pain relief, types of treatment available, and communication with health care providers
  2. Specific tips on common side effects
  3. Checklist of "things to tell your doctor"
  4. "Treatment plan" for recording medication information
  5. Specific information on the most common cancer pain treatments

Coping Skills for Bone Marrow Transplantation and Relaxation and Imagery CD

This handbook identifies and explains coping skills for bone marrow transplantation, including relaxation and imagery. The accompanying CD focuses on relaxation and imagery with a theme of increasing comfort during treatment.

Ordering Materials Information

For ordering information of any of these materials, please contact Eun-Ju Lee at or call (206) 667-3720.