Biobehavioral Sciences

Clinical Activities

Psychology & Psychiatry Consultation Service

Services are provided for SCCA patients with distress or other circumstances that complicate cancer care or reduce health and quality of cancer survival. Specialized medication, coping strategies, counseling, imagery, hypnosis, and behavioral techniques are some of the many options available for managing stress, depression, grief, anxiety, phobias, sleeping, fatigue, pain, nausea, eating, or sexual problems that are common during and after treatment.

Survivorship Program Services

The Survivorship Program offers clinical services supported in part by a LIVESTRONG Survivorship Centers of Excellence Network grant from the Lance Armstrong / LIVESTRONG Foundation. Children are seen at Seattle Children's through the ACCESS program. Adults can be seen at the SCCA through the survivorship clinic or at several other survivor programs focused on breast, prostate, or transplantation programs. The survivorship clinic sees cancer survivors who have completed active treatment and are age 21 or older regardless of site of disease or medical center where their cancer was treated. Sites for the SCCA oncology network also provide clinical services for cancer survivors.