Basic Sciences Division

Retrovirus Group Meeting

2015 Schedule

What: The purpose of the group is to share work in progress between retrovirus and related labs, and to give feedback on ongoing projects. Each postdoc and graduate student in the participating labs presents their work once a year.

9:15 a.m.

Where: All meetings are in Room B1-072/074, unless otherwise noted:

Name Lab Date
Alistair Russell Bloom 04/30/2015
Molly Ohainle Emerman 05/07/2015**
Heather Machkovech Bloom 05/14/2015
Mark Pankau Lehman/Overbaugh 05/21/2015
Adam Dingens Bloom/Overbaugh 05/28/2015
Elad Eliahoo
Lifei Yang Hu 06/11/2015
*     E3-200/201: Combo (1100 Eastlake Building)
**    B1-065: Pelton (Weintraub Building)
***  D1-080/084: Sze Combo (Thomas Building)
**** B1-074/076 (Weintraub Building)
Last updated 4/13/2015