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Membership Roster

Jeremy and Larisa Affeldt *
Aisha Ahmad Al Khinji
Stephanie Alexander and Michael Wilson
Curt and Ashley Anderson
Tyler R. Andrews
Sophia L. Arain
Jill Argo
Geoff and Catherine Austin
Lindsey Avery
Sarah C. Avery
Eric Bahna
Kirk D. Baisch
Chris and Keri Balmer *
Richard and Joanne Barber
Jeff Rodgers and Deborah Barge Rodgers *
Carrie M. Barham
Erin and Ethan Bernau
Nick Berry
Ken and Shiori Betzler
Sue Biggins
Casey A. Biltucci
Chris and John Brandenfels
Aaron Bregel *
Sally and Michael Brick
Craig Baylor Brooks and Courtney Suzanne Clarke
Michele Brooks
Steve and Jennifer Brooks *
Bill Brooks, Jr.
Bradley and Amy Brotherton
Bryan and Joy Brown
Ivan Brugiolo
Bryce and Brooke Buri
Lance and Holly Burkett
Lauren L. Burman
Matt and Alli Burton
Carl and Angela Bush
Gary Caldwell
Erica and Jose Campos
Jen Caparas
Mark and Lisa Caputo *
Rick and Amber Cassidy
Shu-I Chang
Steven and Michelle Chattin
Kelly Cheeseman
Donald L. Chi
Lisa Chiang *
Tana L. Chmieleski
Ba Kang and Xiangyu Chu
Mary C. Clare and Ryan J. Hall
Simon Clarke and Alice Burden
Andrew and Juli Cook
Greg and Erin Coomer
Jordan and Katie Corey
Heather Craig
Ryan and Elise Crumpacker
Jeffrey and Lorine Cummings
Brian and Elise Cunningham
Gregory and Karis DeVore
Charles Dorner
Alexander and Hilary Doroski
Traci L. Drake and Ann Torres
Amy L. Dyers
Jeffrey and Karen Edwards
John and Caroline Edwards
Tracey and Mike Elfstrom
Dr. Bruce and Veronica Erhart
Kerry and Michael Fagelman
Adam and Shannon Fain
John and Margaret Fiala
Alison Fields
Scott and Amy Finholm *
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Fitch
Mark and Jayme Freeborn
Jayne and Eric Freeman
Lisa Fritzky
Ryan L. Fritzky and Susie M. Fritzky
Kyle and Katrina Fukuchi
Mark and Annelise Gaaserud
Phil and Lisa Gafken
Sheri and Omri Gazitt
Nandita and Jochem Geerdink
Michelle Geiger and Jon Ashley *
Alan and Jeanine Gilchrest
Bradley and Theresa Glaberson
Tim and Jennifer Goggin
Peter and Beth Golde
Miss Kelley E. Goldmanis
Benjamin Gonnet *
Douglas Gordon
Benton and Caroline Gray
Dale G. Gray
Jennifer and Bryan Grusz
Pooja Gupta
Susanne and Scott Guthrie *
Jessica Michel Hagan and Curtis Hagan
Justin Hagood
Jeff Hardie and Laurie Saito *
Jennifer Harnish
John and Elena Harnish
Walter and Angela Harp
Greg Harrell-Edge
Kevin and Bobbi Harrison
Alexandra and Adam Hedin
Jeffrey and Shelly Heier *
Todd and Stephanie Henderson *
Justin and Catherine Hendrickson
Melissa and Shawn Herron
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Hickey *
Brent and Dulcy Hixson
Jerick R. Hoffer
Scott and Joanna Holden
Sarah C. Hopkins and Anirudh Bansal
    and Mrs. John H. Howard
Desert Horse-Grant
Tamar Huberman
Trevor and Donabelle Huffmaster
Jim and Heather Hughes
Shannon and Troy Hull
Olivier and Catherine Humbert *
Mark and Mollie Huppert
Scott and Amy Hutchinson *
Denise and Brian Ivie
Angela and Fred Jackson
Mr. Dana Jacobs
Bo Janes and Derek Eisel
Kurt and Clair Jensen
Allen and Carleigh Johnson *
Chris and Jenny Johnson
Andrea Jones *
Tyler and Anna Jones
Vs. Cancer Foundation
Jeremy and Wendy Kelly
Shaheed Khan
Niraj Khanchandani
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon W. Kiel
Benjamin F. Kilgore
Susan Kim
Tonya and Darryl King
Kyle Kingma
Leigh Kinnish
Lauren Kisser
Brian and Melynda Kite
Lynette and David Klingeman
Jeffrey and Michelle Knoll
Harry Korrell

Molly Lallemand
Jeffrey and Lisa Lanctot
Amy and Aaron Lavin
Nancy J. Lee
Sylvia Lee and Glenn Kelman
Daniel A. Lelewski
Kimberly and Thomas Lengle
Jeremy and Stefanie Lince
Clark and Lori Lindsay
Peter and Sarah Lindsay
Matt and Elisha Logue *
Jeffrey and Jennifer Lounsberry
Michelle S. Ludwig
Elizabeth and Brian Lund *
Dennis Ma and Vannessa Nhan
Greta Ma
Thaddeus O. Mallory, Jr.Erick Matsen
Richard Kyle and Kara Matthew *
Ryan and Sara Maxwell *
Tod and Christa McBryan *
Kevin and Sarah McCain
Ryan McCallen
Michael D. McCann
Mark McCasey
Jon and Caren McCormack
Alyson and Durham Mccormick
Michelle L. McCormick
Ian and McFarland
Niki McKay
Michael and Heather McKay
Bill and Nicole McNichols
Cole and Kathryn Meckle
Yazmin Mehdi and Liam Lavery
Rob and Rachelle Meredith
Michael and Lisa Miller
Kelly and Martin Minnaar
Ulrich Mueller and Diana Ensenat *
Gary Mutchler
Katharine and Stephen Newman
Dr. Lisa Nguyen
Todd and Marci Nicholson
Christopher and Kathleen Nielsen
Trevor and Marci Nolan
Fred Northup, Jr. and Ashley Northup
David Notario and Latife Lacin
Dr. Dodi and Rachael Nov
Roger F. Nyhus
Tim Oerting
Dr. Yince and Ms. Kathyryn Oliver
Kaven and Gary Oltman
Michael Orbino
Jesse and Jennifer Ottele
Catherine L. Peichel and Steve Froggett
Kyoko Kurosawa and Steve Pergam, M.D.
Michael and Jennifer Peters
Tom and Katherine Peters
Kemp C. Peterson
Christopher and Christiane Pitts
William and Ricca Poll
Darin Postma
Lauren R. Powell
Nicole and Michael Pratapas
Elizabeth Prescott and Daniel Stetson *
Robert and Victoria Quiles *
Patrick B. Reddy
April Reitan
Srilata D. Remala
Carrie D. Rhodes
Tiffany and Casey Ribera
Maurice Rice
Terry and Benton Richardson
Craig and Jessica Robinson *
Brian J. Rogers
Mimi Rosen and Nathan Goldberg
Sheri and Andrew Rosen
Brian and Deborah Rowe
Calvin and Lauren Rowland
Andrew Ryder
Sara Sage
Justine and Rob Sands
Dona Sarkar
David and Lisa Schilling
Gena and Alex Schirer*
Beth and Chris Schmaltz
Daniel R. Schroeder
Matthew and Kathryn Sentena
Todd and Ashley Sevier
Omar and Lora Shahine
Richard J. Shanahan III
Mark and Susan Shapiro *
Kristin and Aaron Shaw
Jason J. Shinn
Kurt and Kylee Shintaffer *
Isaac and Nicole Sine
John D. Sisler, Jr.
Jennifer Sizemore and William Hawn
Kelly E. Smith
Joseph and Jennifer Sprague
Jessica D. Stewart
Jason and Wendy Stively
Sonya Stottlemyre
Luke Stroud
Eric Prock and Tracy Sullivan Prock
Brian and Gina Summers
Kyle and Emi Suzuki
Michael Swafford *
Brandon and Sami Sweeney
Scott Swerland
Kathryn A. Sweyer and Chris Berta
Shane and Alexis Tackett
Sarah and Casey Tallon
Lyle Tenpenny
Alison Tierney
Andrew and Shana Tischaefer
Brett Tocco
Andrea Towlerton
Caroline and Joshua Traube
Supriya Uchil
Luis and Colette Ulloa *
Dustin and Elizabeth Van Wyck
Danielle and Steve VanNoy
David Vos
Brian and Susan Vowinkel
Jens Fischer and Susanne Wagner-Fischer
Andrew and Emily Warden *
Shannon Ware
Ryan Warren
Amy Watkins and Michael Reese
Ms. Doug Watkins
Shane Watkins and Alex Deesing
Eric and Catherine Wedge
Lowell Weiss and Sara Finkelstein
Victoria and Edward Wenick
Renee and Paul Wesberry *
Eric and Daria Whettam
Ms. Kate Whettam
Nolan and Alexis Wood
Brian and Amy Wulfestieg
Kari A. Wuotila
Megan Young

Innovators Network benefactors include two anonymous donors.

*Charter members

Reflecting gifts received January 1 - December 31, 2013

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