IPCR Symposium

IPCR Symposium

IPCR Symposium

IPCR Symposium, April 12, 2014

Photo by Mac Ward

At the IPCR Symposium on April 12, 2014, prostate cancer survivors had the opportunity to interact with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center researchers and UW Medicine clinicians and to learn about exciting and innovative research advancements in prostate cancer care. The presentations from this year’s symposium are currently available on YouTube. Select the hyperlinks below to view.

Prostate Cancer Risk and Prevention in 2014

Dr. Marian Neuhouser
Diet, Lifestyle and Prostate Cancer: What You Can Do!

Dr. Janet Stanford
Inherited Prostate Cancer: Understanding Risk 

Dr. Jonathan Wright
Prostate Cancer Screening: Can We Do It Better?

Dr. Evan Yu
Imaging Prostate Cancer: Present and Future

Questions & Answers 

Advances in Managing Localized Prostate Cancer

Dr. Paul Lange
Understanding the Diversity of Localized Prostate Cancer

Dr. Dan Lin
Active Surveillance: What We Have Learned from PASS

Dr. Ken Russell
Proton Therapy: Up and Going in Seattle

Dr. John Gore
Improving Treatment Outcomes by Assessing Quality of Care

Questions & Answers

Advances in Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer

Dr. Peter Nelson
Cancer Genomics and Precision

Dr. Heather Cheng
Circulating Biomarkers

Dr. Bruce Montgomery
Current Clinical Trials 

Eric Davis & Russ Goesman
Clinical Trials: Personal Experience