Undergraduate Students

2010 Trainees

Trainee Institution Lab/Research Group
Division of Basic Sciences
Farhana Akhtar UW Bangladesh Linial
*Hilary Boyer New Mexico State University Cooper
Daniel Hart Whitman College Priess
Lorena Hernandez Royal High School Biggins
Marcus Hernandez Florida International University
Hana Page Clover Park High School Breeden
Jose Mario Pineda Lewis & Clark High School Shou
±Dr. Hong Qin Spelman College Rutherford
Division of Clinical Research
Daniel Acosta New Mexico State University Radich
Adriana Diaz New Mexico State University Delaney
Woong Hwang University of Rochester Olson
Reena Mahadevan University of Washington Walter
Youcef Ouadah University of California, Berkeley Press
Meighan Parker Spelman College Bedalov
Olga Shiva Eastern Washington University Yee
Brian Wakefield Whitman College Hingorani
Division of Human Biology
Ramona Aranda New Mexico State University Miller
Alicia Armeli SUNY, Fredonia Vasioukhin
Kristin Ethier University of California, Davis Emerman
Fakhra Khalid UC Berkeley Salama
Amber Peden Kalamazoo College Overbaugh
Stephanie Slater Mount Holyoke College/University of Washington
James Staben Middlebury College Paddison
Parker Woods Ohio University Geballe
Division of Public Health Sciences
Thomas Austin Whitman College Peters
*Mary Colangelo New Mexico State University Knudsen
Miriam Garcia New Mexico State University Ceballos
**Aisha Kudura New Mexico State University Neuhouser
Blanca Mejia Sunnyside High School Thompson
**Crystal Moran New Mexico State University Thompson
Adriana Ramos Grandview High School Thompson
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Annica Stull Lane Oberlin College Fredricks
Allison Quan University of California, Los Angeles Corey
Julia Silva New Mexico State University Boeckh

*Post-baccalaureate Student
**Graduate Student
± Undergraduate Faculty Resident

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