Undergraduate Students

2005 Trainees

Trainee Institution Lab/Research Group
Division of Basic Sciences
Kendra Byrd University of Central Oklahoma Neiman
Ashley Deline Hamilton College Linial
Travis Goode Morehouse College Stoddard
Angela Kelley Evergreen State College Moens
Kelly McGrath Bowdoin College Edgar
Stephanie McLaughlin Humboldt State University Parkhurst
Jennifer Sterling New Mexico State University Biggins
Division of Clinical Research
Sukantha Chandrasekaran Colorado State University Fredricks
Jessika Diaz-Lara Stanford University Press
Josh Dill Seattle Pacific University Fero
Patrick Garcia New Mexico State University Lilleby
Camille Inducil Wellesley College Simon
Sharon Lu Yale University Warren
Ian Ross Notre Dame University Deeg
Melanie Sabado University of Washington Boeckh
Hilary Stempel Whitman College Sandmaier
Division of Human Biology
Jessica Boland Carleton College Peichel
Krystle Horne-Glover North Carolina State Hockenbery
Jennifer Loleit New Mexico State University Galloway
Jonathan Fischer Whitman College Emerman
Manda Null Seattle University Vasioukhin
Deandra Stewart Xavier University Salama
Division of Public Health Sciences
Matt Banegas New Mexico State University Thompson
Amy Elise Fierro New Mexico State University Lampe
Benjamin Hardy New Mexico State University Newcomb
Clemens Heikaus University of Washington Scholler
Joel Sabugo University of Hawaii Newcomb
Janet Sanchez New Mexico State University Beresford
Roxana Torres New Mexico State University McGregor
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