Undergraduate Students

2000 Trainees

Trainee Institution Lab/Research Group
Division of Basic Sciences
Jeanna Fuhrman University of Illinois Linial
Samuel Hopkins Oberlin College Edgar
Charles McManus Hirum College Ferre-D'Amare
Carilyn Nash Illinois Wesleyan University Eisenman
Jamie Schoenborn St. Norbert College Strong
Division of Clinical Research
Jessie Glasser Brandeis University Syrjala
Elbonie Harbuckle Tuskegee University Hockenbery
Michael Khodadoust Rice University Corey
Suzanne Ma University of Washington Storb
Division of Human Biology
Maki Imakura University of Washington Emerman
Mabel Djang Williams College Emerman
Jason Estok Robert E. Cook College Collins
Benjamin Marks University of Illinois Ostrander
Anna McClendon University of Portland Chris Kemp
Courtney Weiland Amherst College Geballe
Absalon Gutierrez University of New Mexico Neiman
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