Undergraduate Students

1998 Trainees

Trainee Institution Lab/Research Group
Division of Basic Sciences
Rebecca Butterfield Union College Roberts
Brent Cezairliyan Brown University Parkhurst
Bob Chan Stanford University Henikoff
Amy Cocina SUNY Geneseo Tsukiyama
David Erho Seattle Pacific University Stoddard
Bonnie Kealoha University of Puget Sound Linial
Jason Langheier Williams College Breeden
Annie Lee Pomona College Neiman
Erin McKittrick Carleton College Cooper
Lia Moriguchi Harvard University Yao
Danielle Murphy University of California-Santa Barbara Eisenman
Matt Query University of Washington Linial
Monica Rohrschneider Tufts University Rohrschneider
Srinath Sampath Cornell University Soriano
Division of Clinical Research
Melissa Richman Whitman College Ostrander
David Yu Notre Dame Zhang
Division of Human Biology
Ian Huntington Swarthmore College Tapscott
Stephen Rogovic University of Rochester Kemp
Laurie Waters Cornell University Porter
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