Undergraduate Students

2013 Program Schedule

Key Dates

Date Time Location Event
June 16 All University of Washington Travel and check-in at UW dorms between 2 – 5 pm.
June 17 9 am – 1 pm Arnold, M4-A805/817 Program orientation, including submission of new employee paperwork, campus tour, lunch.
June 23 1:10 pm Safeco Field 1250 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134
Seattle Mariners versus Oakland Athletics MLB game (itinerary to be provided as a separate attachment).
June 30 11 am 1301 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98134 Seattle Great Wheel, lunch at Pike Place Market (itinerary to be provided as a separate attachment).
July   1-5 Reference intern check-in schedule

Meetings with Katie: Hutchinson, C2-025

Meetings with Julian: Thomas, D2-109

Informal check-in meeting with either Drs. Katie Peichel or Julian Simon.
July 14 5 pm SCCA House 207 Pontius Avenue North Make dinner for patients and caregivers at the SCCA House (itinerary to be provided as a separate attachment).
July 16 5 pm   Email draft personal statement to peer-review group.
July 19 5 pm   Optional: Email second draft of personal statement for review among program staff to Jennifer: janderso@fhcrc.org
July 28 5 pm SCCA House 207 Pontius Avenue North Make dinner for patients and caregivers at the SCCA House (itinerary to be provided as a separate attachment).
Aug. 13 Before 5 pm   Submit posters to Computer Graphics department for printing at: graphics@fhcrc.org.  Pick-up in M1-A405.
Aug. 14 Before 5 pm   Submit FINAL personal statement, resume, abstract, poster, and program evaluation to Noah Espinoza: nespinoz@fhcrc.org
Aug. 15 Noon - 2 pm

Arnold, M1-C103

Poster presentation practice session.  Sign up for preferred 10-minute practice session.
Aug. 16 2 pm – 4 pm Arnold, M1-A303/05/07 Competitive poster session. Last working day.

Scheduled Events

Date Time Location Speaker Topic
Professional Development Workshops
June 25                     Noon–1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07

Dr. Steve Pergam (Vaccine and Infectious Disease)

How to successfully apply to medical school
July 2 Noon–1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07

Dr. Michael Emerman (Human Biology)

How to successfully apply to graduate school
July 9 Noon–1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07

Jennifer Anderson(Public Health Sciences)

How to write a personal statement for graduate or medical school
July 16 Noon–1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07

Dr. Katie Peichel(Human Biology/ Basic Sciences)

How to write an abstract
July 23 Noon–1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07   In-person peer-review group meeting
July 30 Noon–1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Katie Peichel(Human Biology/ Basic Sciences) How to prepare and present a scientific poster
Aug. 6 Noon–1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07

Dr. Mario Kratz(Public Health Sciences)

Diet, Obesity, and Chronic Disease
Research Seminars
June 21 Noon–1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07

Dr. Steve Schwartz(Public Health Sciences)

Overview of Cancer/Research Endeavors at the Center
June 28 Noon–1 pm Thomas, D1-080/084 None None
July 5 Noon–1 pm Thomas, D1-080/084 Dr. Fred Appelbaum (Clinical Research) Hematopoietic cell transplantation: past, present, future
July 12 Noon–1 pm Thomas, D1-080/084

Dr. David MacPherson (Human Biology)

Using mouse models to understand cancer
July 19 Noon–1 pm Thomas, D1-080/084

Dr. Colleen Delaney (Clinical Research)

Enhancing engraftment in cord blood transplantation
July 26 Noon–1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07

Dr. Cecilia Moens(Basic Sciences)

The zebrafish as a model for the study of nervous system development and disease
Aug. 2 Noon–1 pm Thomas, D1-080/084

Dr. Jennifer Lund(Vaccine and Infectious Disease)

Mechanisms of immunity to viral infections
Aug. 9 Noon–1 pm Weintraub, B1-072/074

Dr. Sunil Hingorani(Clinical Research/ Public Health Sciences)

Constructing and Deconstructing Pancreas Cancer: Translating Lessons Learned from Disease Modeling
June 18 5:45 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Noah Espinoza(Public Health Sciences)

How to Maximize your Participation in SURP:  Research Experience and Beyond

During this panel presentation, SURP alumni will share lessons learned and other advice to help attendees capitalize on their participation in SURP and take advantage of the many amenities that Seattle has to offer

July 1 5:45 pm

Emperor of All Maladies: Arnold, M1-A307;

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Arnold, M1-A303

Dr. Katie Peichel(Human Biology/ Basic Sciences)

Noah Espinoza/Jennifer Anderson (Public Health Sciences)

Please read one of these two books:The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee or The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot and be prepared to actively engage in a facilitated discussion regarding the contents.
July 18 5:45 pm

Medical School / MD/PhD Program Panel: Arnold, M1-A307;

Graduate School Panel: Arnold, M1-A303

Dr. Steve Pergam (Vaccine and Infectious Disease) (Medical School)

Dr. Nina Salama (Human Biology)

Advice and Insight: Perspectives About Successful Admission to Medical and Graduate School

During this panel presentation, and first- and second-year medical students, MD/PhD trainees, and graduate students will respond to questions about their experience seeking admission to medical or graduate school.  Following the Q & A session, attendees will engage in informal, one-on-one interaction with current medical and graduate school students.

July 25 5:45 pm Arnold, M1-A303/05/07 Melissa Loomis(Administration)

Strategizing Your Career Path: Using the Highlighting Method to Improve Your Resume / Cover Letter, Prepare for Interviews, and Expand Your Networks

The FHCRC’s Scientific Recruiter, Melissa Loomis, will demonstrate how to use job descriptions to write your resume/CV, craft cover letters, prepare for interviews, and strategize your career path in the sciences. The advice and Highlighting Method she will share is based on her experience as a Scientific Recruiter and her transition into this career after ten years as a research bench scientist at the Center. Please print and bring three job descriptions for positions from any organization that you are hypothetically interested in applying for.