Undergraduate Students

Poster Award Winners

Year Name Institution Lab/Research Group
Best Poster Design
2014 Lauren Hillers Hope College Perez-Olsen
2014 Meselle Jeff-Eke University of Chicago Bleakley
2013 Donna Leet Amherst College Bloom
2013 Max Ruben New Mexico State University Salama
2012 Taylor Lasof University of San Diego Galloway
2012 Nancy Liu Swarthmore College Hockenbery
2011 Madeline Schutt Whitman College Clurman
2011 Stephanie Silva University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Paddison
2010 Woong Hwang University of Rochester Olson
2010 Aisha Kudra New Mexico State University Neuhouser
2009 Emily Baker University of Washington Malik
2009 Julia Rosenberg Cornell University Vashioukhin
Best Poster Presentation
2014 Heather Johns Whitman College Bradley
2014 Anthony Lopez University of Washington Fredricks
2013 Courtney Becerril University of Texas, El Paso Greenberg/Hingorani
2013 Brenda Seymour University of Puget Sound Prlic
2012 Augustine Ajuogu Northwest University Lund
2012 Joshua Onyango Oakwood University Buck
2011 Amber Ortiz University of New Mexico Riddell
2011 Angel Paullin Northwest University Simon
2010 Joe Ouadah University of California, Berkeley Press
2010 Brian Wakefield Whitman College Hingorani
2009 Charlotte Besson University of Paris Diderot, Paris 7 Edgar
2009 Bethany Hammons New Mexico State University J. Lampe
Lee Hartwell Poster Award*
2014 Sarah Debs Whitman College Moens
2014 Derek Wong University of Chicago Pagel
2013 Carl Schiltz Gustavus Adolphus College Perez-Olsen
2013 Clay Patton University of Washington Grandori
2012 Rylie Hightower New Mexico State University Cooper
2012 Greg Norris The College of Wooster Olson
2011 Nathan Ord Whitman College Warren
2011 Lisa Voelker Humboldt State University Moens
2010 Amber Peden Kalamazoo College Overbaugh
2010 Kelea Somerton Santa Clara University Roberts
2009 Ashley Dotson Saint Martin’s University Hingorani
2009 Yu Zhu Reed College Vashioukhin

* In recognition of contributing to innovative research, delivering an outstanding presentation, and creating an exceptional visual arrangement for a scientific poster.

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