Undergraduate Students

Poster Award Winners

Year Trainee Poster Title Lab/Research Group
Best Poster Design
2016 Tima Karginov Characterizing Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS) SH2 domain binding specificity using phage immunoprecipitation sequencing (PhIP-Seq) Jonathan Cooper, PhD
2016 Frances Welsh Rapid evolution of centromeric histone H3, an essential protein Harmit Malik, PhD
2015 Kamir Hiam Tissue-specific lentiviral vectors for decoding the vascular niche of squamous cell carcinoma Slobodan Beronja, PhD
2015 Sarah Krawczak Role of Regulatory T cells in Immune Responses to Influenza Jennifer Lund, PhD
2014 Lauren Hillers Investigating the Protective Role of the Peroxisome 
in Stress Response with C. elegans
Carissa Perez Olsen, PhD
2014 Meselle Jeff-Eke Optimizing Transduction of CD8+ T Cells by HA-1H TCR Specific Lentivirus Marie Bleakley,
MD, PhD, M.Msc
2013 Donna Leet Using Influenza Hemagglutinin as a Vehicle for Enhanced Presentation of HIV-1 gp41 Epitopes Jesse Bloom, PhD
2013 Max Ruben Non-Enzymatic Cell Shape Determining Proteins of Helicobacter pylori Nina Salama, PhD
2012 Taylor Lasof Human papillomavirus infections in mid-adult women Denise Galloway, PhD
2012 Nancy Liu Metabolic Flexibility in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Cell Lines
David Hockenbery, MD
2011 Madeline Schutt Regulation of Cdk2 Activity by Positive Feedback Control Bruce Clurman,
2011 Stephanie Silva Defining Cancer Lethal Targets in Tumor Initiating Cells Patrick Paddison, PhD
2010 Woong Hwang Spindle-Checkpoint targeted therapy for Glioblastoma James (Jim) Olson,
2010 Aisha Kudura Impact of Meal Frequency on Glucose Patterns Marian Neuhouser,
2009 Emily Baker How does VP35 from the Ebola virus
antagonize Protein Kinase R?
Harmit Malik, PhD
2009 Julia Rosenberg Role of Dlg5 in Lung Branching Morphogenesis Valeri Vashioukhin, PhD
Best Poster Presentation
2016 Katharine Sizer Characterization of antibodies from HPV vaccinated women and identification of epitopes on the surface of HPV-16 Denise Galloway, PhD
2016 Stephanie Stacy Using the Coalescent Framework to Detect Missed Infections in Phylogenetic Trees Trevor Bedford, PhD
2015 Christopher Everett B Cell ELISpot Assay Optimization for Quantifying HIV protein-specific B Lymphocyte Responses in HIV Vaccine Recipients Nicole Frahm, PhD
2015 Morrow Toomey Cardiovascular Health Status of Childhood Cancer Survivors Treated with Anthracyclines Eric Chow, MD, MPH
2014 Heather Johns Cross-talk between nonsense-mediated mRNA decay 
and proteasome-mediated protein degradation
Robert Bradley, PhD
2014 Anthony Lopez The male oral cavity as an extravaginal reservoir for
bacterial vaginosis-associated bacteria
David Fredricks, MD
2013 Courtney Becerril Isolation of Mesothelin-reactive CD8+ T-cells for adoptive immunotherapy of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma Philip Greenberg, MD /Sunil Hingorani, MD, PhD
2013 Brenda Seymour Mucosal Associated Invariant T (MAIT) Cells:
Early control of bacterial and viral infection
Martin Prlic, PhD
2012 Augustine Ajuogu Profiling gene expression differences and immune cell populations in HIV exposed seronegative individuals
[HESN] and seroconverters 
Jennifer Lund, PhD
2012 Joshua Onyango Uncovering the Neural Circuitry in Fear Linda Buck, PhD
2011 Amber Ortiz Identification of Candidate Minor leukemic effect Histocompatibility (H) Antigens for the
Development of T Cell Immunotherapy to Enhance the
Graft Versus Leukemia (GVL) Effect
Stanley Riddell, MD
2011 Angel Paullin Inhibition of Sirtuins as a Potential Anti Inhibition
of Sirtuins as a Potential Anti-Cancer Therapy
Julian Simon, PhD
2010 Joe Ouadah Antibody-Mediated Targeting of pH-Responsive
“Smart Polymers” Facilitates siRNA Delivery to Cancer Cells
Oliver Press, MD, PhD
2010 Brian Wakefield Investigating a Small Molecule Inhibitor of
Aurora Kinase-A in Ras-driven Pancreas Cancer Cells
Sunil Hingorani,
2009 Charlotte Besson A genetic screen for regulators of cell cycle exit Bruce Edgar, PhD
2009 Bethany Hammons Gut Microbiota Comparison in Women with High and
Low Body Mass Index Using Quantitative PCR Analysis
Johanna Lampe, PhD
Lee Hartwell Poster Award*
2016 Cora Amundson Analyzing T Cell Phenotypes in Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease After Naive T Cell-Depleted Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Marie Bleakley,
MD, PhD, M.Msc
2016 Alex Chan Quantitative protein analysis to map inner kinetochore assembly Sue Biggins, PhD
2015 Cristina Gago The Association of Arsenic Exposure with Mammographic Density Polly Newcomb,
2015 Naomi Schwartz Development of a Comprehensive Financial Navigation Program for Patients with Newly DIagnosed Cancer Scott Ramsey, MD, PhD
2014 Sarah Debs A Reverse Genetic Screen in Zebrafish Identifies
sec24b and lpp as Genes Required for Convergent Extension
Cecilia Moens, PhD
2014 Derek Wong Synthesis Modification of Lanthanide Phosphate Nanoparticles as Radioimmunotherapy for
Acute Myeloid Leukemia
John Pagel, MD, PhD
2013 Carl Schiltz Analyzing the Effect of Endocytosis on Membrane Turnover in C. elegans Carissa Perez Olsen, PhD
2013 Clay Patton CECR2 as a potential therapeutic target for MYC-driven cancer Carla Grandori, MD, PhD
2012 Rylie Hightower Dab2: Endocytic Adaptor and Regulator Jonathan Cooper, PhD
2012 Greg Norris Administration of a Novel Chemotherapy Agent in a
Pediatric Brain Tumor Mouse Model 
Jim Olson, MD, PhD
2011 Nathan Ord Analyzing the Antibody Response against H-Y Antigens Edus (Hootie) Warren, MD, PhD
2011 Lisa Voelker Faulty Wiring: A Mutant With Disrupted Electrical
Synapse Development
Cecilia Moens, PhD
2010 Amber Peden Cloning of HIV-1 env genes from Kenyan women
to examine role of neutralizing antibodies in
breast milk mother-to-child transmission
Julie Overbaugh, PhD
2010 Kelea Somerton Alternative Functions of Telomerase in Breast Cancer James Roberts,
2009 Ashley Dotson Role of Endogenous Role of Endogenous KrasG12D in the Progression and Maintenance of Pancreas Cancer  Sunil Hingorani,
2009 Yu Zhu Role of Integrin β-4 and Fibroblast Growth Factor
Receptor-3 in α-catenin’s Tumor Suppression Function
Valeri Vashioukhin, PhD

* In recognition of contributing to innovative research, delivering an outstanding presentation, and creating an exceptional visual arrangement for a scientific poster.