Undergraduate Students

Frequently Asked Questions Among Accepted Interns

Q: Can I take the GRE or MCAT test prep course during the SURP?

A: Given the intensive nature of the SURP, we do not recommend participating in a prep course or completing other elective coursework in conjunction with the program.  This recommendation is based on feedback from prior interns, however we will not revoke your participation in the SURP if you need to take a prep course or some other coursework.


Q: I have questions regarding housing at the University of Washington (UW). Who should I contact?

A: The University of Washington's Conference Services operates independent of the FHCRC; therefore all housing questions should be directed via email to: confhous@u.washington.edu or phone at: (206) 543-7636.

Q: I am living at the UW this summer; can I find out who my roommates are before I arrive?

A: Yes, you can find out who your roommates are in advance of your arrival. SURP staff highly recommend that you initiate contact with your roommates before you arrive in Seattle. To obtain this information, please contact the University of Washington's Conference Services via email at: confhous@u.washington.edu or phone at: (206) 543-7636.

Q: Can I arrive at the UW a day early for check-in?

A: Check-in at the University of Washington takes place on Sunday, June 15 between 2 to 5 pm at the Terry Hall front desk.  You will need to secure overnight accommodations elsewhere if you plan to arrive in Seattle prior to that date.

University of Washington Intramural Activities (IMA) Access

Q: I will not be living on UW campus for the summer; can I still get an IMA pass?

A: No, only interns living on the UW campus are eligible to purchase an IMA pass.

Q: I told a SURP staff member I wanted to purchase an Intramural Activities Building (IMA) pass; now what?

A: Go to the IMA building with your student ID and the proper form of payment. Let the person at the reception desk know that you are participating in the SURP at the FHCRC and living on the UW campus. You will then be asked to provide some additional information, pay the fee, and IMA access is all yours! A brief description of facilities and hours of operation are provided and further information can be found by visiting their website or by calling: (206) 543-4590.


Q: What is the difference between a faculty mentor and a staff mentor?

A: In most cases, interns will work in the lab or research group of their faculty mentor (namely a Principal Investigator/PI) but under the direct guidance of a staff mentor, such as a post-doctoral fellow or graduate student. While you will have opportunities to interact with your faculty mentor, you will have more direct, routine interaction with your staff mentor. Working with a staff mentor presents a great opportunity to inquire about preparing for and succeeding in graduate or medical school, pursuing a research career, etc.

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