Alumni Perspectives

Undergraduate Students

Alumni Perspectives

"During my time at Fred Hutch, I was part of a community in which every member of it was motivated to see me succeed... Lastly, the mentorship and support I received did not end when the program concluded. Before leaving Fred Hutch, the SURP staff and my lab reinforced that I could always reach out to them for guidance and support."

-Alex Chan, University of California, Los Angeles 

"All of the staff members were so helpful in giving me advice on ways I could diversify my resume during my gap year prior to applying to medical school. There was also an abundance of professional development workshops that gave some insights on how to write a personal statement, resume, and even design a scientific poster."

-Wilma Afunugo, Seattle University 

"I chose to participate in the Fred Hutch SURP because the Fred Hutch has a unique academic culture focused on mentorship and collaboration, which was extremely important to me. From lab aides and graduate students to Nobel Laureates, the people at the Fred Hutch recognize the importance of investing in future scientists, and as a SURP Intern, I found I was surrounded by mentors invested in my success...Thanks to the professional development workshops, I also came out of the Summer with the resources and guidance to feel confident applying to medical schools and gap-year fellowships."

-Kevin Celustka, University of Washington 

"From the first day, SURP staff sought to learn about and encourage my specific professional interests. This included connecting me with mock interviewers for medical school, informing me of funding opportunities for my gap year in South Africa, and providing letters of recommendation. The support I received from the SURP staff as an intern has not diminished at all in the many months since I completed the program. I feel ready to begin medical school largely because of the research skills, dedicated mentors, and insight into my career goals that I gained as a SURP intern."

-Madeleine Heller, University of Southern California

"I was unsure what career path (PhD, MD, MD/PhD) I wanted to take, and the SURP gave me the opportunity to talk with professionals (and even shadow some) in each path. The most useful aspect of participating in the SURP was finding out what I wanted to do and preparing for this path early on by writing and editing a draft of my graduate school application personal statement... The support offered by the SURP staff in terms of advice and help with grad school applications was invaluable."

-Cindy Yeh, New Mexico State University

"The biggest highlight of the SURP for me was coming into the final weeks of the program and having to synthesize all of my results into a cohesive presentation. I hadn’t realized how much I had been able to accomplish during my time in the program until I had to look back and learn to explain it to myself and to others. I gained a lot of confidence in my ability to perform research once I saw my project in its entirety and felt comfortable presenting my findings to others."

-Josie Trichka, Middlebury College

"The SURP at Fred Hutch offered an incredible opportunity to pursue intensive career preparation for dual degree programs and to conduct innovative research with renowned mentors in the lab...I loved learning from and conducting my project with researchers who were welcoming, caring, and dedicated to their work. This kind of attitude created a positive environment that further perpetuated my inquisitiveness and desire to succeed in my own work."

-Tima Karginov, University of Chicago

"The Fred Hutch SURP was my first time really at the front lines of cutting edge science. To experience this in such a supportive environment was crucial to my growth as a scientist. The interactions with my lab mentors and PI were profoundly rewarding and stimulating during the internship and I continue to interact with them from afar as life long mentors."

-Kamir Hiam, Kennesaw State University

"The biggest highlight of SURP for me was getting to know all of my wonderful fellow SURP scholars and having the chance to explore the beautiful city of Seattle with them in the summer time. In addition to an exceptional research experience, I credit the SURP for introducing me to life-long friends with whom I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime."

-Tyler Chavez, New Mexico State Univsersity