Student/Postdoc Advisory Committee

New Postdoc Offer Letter

In examining the difficulties that can face post-doctoral fellows at FHCRC, SPAC has found that many fellows entered into their positions without having clear information concerning their rights and responsibilities as trainees. These include issues of stipend level and responsibilities within the laboratory. We feel that a standardized offer letter would alleviate many of the potential problems that post-docs encounter in this area and would benefit both post-docs and PIs by establishing clearly what is to be expected from both sides. We have created a letter that can be used by PIs as a template for postdoctoral position offers. It is expected that PIs would modify this letter and add additional information, depending upon the circumstances of each particular offer. However, the letter should include:

  • the salary/stipend the fellow will receive
  • the source of the funding
  • time limits for initial funding and for the length of the postdoctoral position
  • whether or not a fellow is required to obtain outside funding to remain in the laboratory
  • any specific requirements and responsibilities of the fellow that must be fulfilled to ensure satisfactory progress

This offer letter is available as a printable pdf document (5k pdf).