Summer Session

Science Education Partnership

Summer Session

Our year-long program includes a 3-week summer session in which teachers work with each other, with lead teachers and SEP staff to gain skills and expertise in molecular biology and genetics. One component of the summer session is a week working side-by-side with a scientist mentor in their research laboratory. During the school year, teachers borrow from our kit loan program so that students can work with cutting-edge life science research tools and concepts in their classrooms.

What happens during the Summer Session?

Teaching Lab

Work with two dozen of your colleagues, Lead Teachers, and SEP staff learning the key concepts and techniques used in research laboratories, and participate in discussions concerning the integration of research and biotechnology into your classroom.

Research Lab

Share a scientist's enthusiasm as you work one-on-one at the lab bench with your mentor scientist. Teachers have the opportunity to work in laboratories studying genetics, genomics, immunology, molecular biology, or cancer biology.

Classroom Prep

With time and support from staff and Lead Teachers, customize and personalize an SEP Kit activity to fit in with your own particular pedagogical needs.