Science Education Partnership


The Science Education Partnership has reflected a true partnership between scientists and educators since its inception. We believe that teachers and scientists both play a crucial role in promoting a greater understanding of biomedical research in our community and have much to offer one another.

Who is invited to become a mentor

We welcome scientists working at Fred Hutch or other nearby research institutes to serve as mentors. Graduate students, post-docs, technicians, and all other scientific staff are invited to become mentors.

What does it mean to be a mentor?

Mentors select teachers they would like to partner with from the applicant pool in late March/early April. Teachers conduct a hands-on lab activity related to their mentor’s research and participate in a lab meeting during the summer. This can be a simple experimental technique that is a part of your regular workflow (miniprep, PCR, running gels, etc.). Mentors also learn about current issues in science education from teachers. We encourage mentors to visit their partner teacher’s classroom during the school year as teachers implement molecular biology labs with their students.

Important dates

The 2018 Program includes the following dates for mentors:

May 19            Opening day introductory meeting (3 hrs)
July 16-20     Teachers join scientist in lab (5 days)
July 27            Culminating poster session (2 hrs)

Note that teachers have a different schedule — please read the applicant information for teacher dates.