Applicant Information

Science Education Partnership

Applicant Information

We invite middle and high school science teachers from public schools, private schools, or home schools in Washington State to apply.

Applications are read by SEP mentor scientists.  Each mentor selects one or more applicants as a partner for participation in the SEP program.  Twenty-five teachers are selected each year to join the SEP community.

Scheduled days for the 2018-2019 SEP program include:

Date  Event
April 16, 2018   Notification of Acceptance
May 19, 2018   Opening Day Workshop (9am-6pm)
July 9-27, 2018  SEP Summer Session (8:30am-4pm)
 Open House July 27 (11am-1pm)
September 15, 2018  Kit Signup Day for all SEP (9am-2:30pm)
May 4, 2019  Reflection Day for 2018-2019 Cohort (9am-2:30pm)

During the program, participants are required to:

  • Keep a laboratory notebook
  • Prepare a curriculum project
  • Participate in program evaluation
  • Commit to attending ALL scheduled days in order to participate
  • Your district must commit one day of release time, or equivalent, as evidence of support for your application

Program perks:

  • Participants receive a $1000 stipend for the professional development experience.
  • Upon completion of all program requirements, participants may earn five hours of graduate level credit (at low cost) through the University of Washington Department of Genome Sciences or 50 clock hours through WSTA.
  • Ongoing access to SEP Kits, resources, technical support, and surplus lab supplies.

Hutch Access Award

The SEP Hutch Access Award provides financial support for teachers who: 1) come from racial and ethnic backgrounds historically underrepresented in the sciences; 2) serve a large (>50%) student population of students from such backgrounds; and/or 3) face other significant barriers to access (for example, teachers who live in areas of WA state with limited access to scientific resources or who would otherwise not be able to attend our professional development session). We will provide 2 scholarships in the amount of $3,000. If you would like to apply for this scholarship, please fill out the HUTCH ACCESS AWARD SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION along with your application to the program. Awards will be announced by April 16, 2018.

Hutch Teacher Fellowship

Are you interested in a 2-summer research experience? Please visit our Hutch Teacher Fellowship page for more information about our new Pathways to Cancer Research Teacher Fellowship program.