Current Trainees

Postdoctoral Fellows

Current Trainees

Predoctoral Trainees

Andrew Bondesson
The role of hippo pathway in amino acid metabolism
Mentor: Taran Gujral

Laura Jackson
Phenotypic consequences of microevolution: a case study with Helicobacter pylori
Mentor: Nina Salama

Postdoctoral Trainees

Victor Bii
The role and mechanisms of Llgl1/2 in tumor suppression of skin squamous cell carcinoma
Mentor: Valera Vasioukhin

Christine Cucinotta
Mechanisms of genome activation during quiescence exit
Mentor: Toshi Tsukiyama

Tonibelle Gatbonton-Schwager
Genome-wide distribution of pre-replicative complexes in cancers with deregulated cyclin E/CDK2 activity
Mentor: Antonio Bedalov

Nithya Kartha
SIRT6 as a biomarker for THZ1 sensitivity in pancreatic cancer
Mentor: Sita Kugel

Kelsey Lynch
Investigating the impact of a viral histone-like protein on chromatin
Mentor: Daphne Avgousti

Jake Polaski
The role of bifunctional gene regulation by UPF1 in pancreatic adenosquamous carcinoma
Mentor: Robert Bradley