2016 Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows

2016-17 Fellows


Alex Corella
Mentor: Peter Nelson (Clinical Research)
Proposal Title: “Assessing the utility of circulating tumor cells as a liquid biopsy of metastasis”

Rini Kasinathan
Mentor: Harmit Malik (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: “Functional consequences of increased centromere size in mitosis and meiosis”



Kristin Anderson
Mentor: Philip Greenberg (Clinical Research)
Proposal Title: “Engineering metabolic pathways operative within T cells for enhancing adoptive therapy of ovarian cancer”

Amy Campbell
Mentor: Stephen Tapscott (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: “DUX4 as a regulator of pluripotency in cancer”

Emily Eastwood
Mentor: David MacPherson (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: “Evaluating the therapeutic potential of LSD1 inhibition for small cell lung carcinoma”

Michelle Kriner
Mentor: Rasi Subramaniam (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: “A bacterial model for dysregulated serine metabolism in cancer cells”

Siobhan Pattwell
Mentor: Eric Holland (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: “Novel role for an alternatively spliced NTRK2 receptor variant in aggressive pediatric rhaboid tumors”

Sarah Swygert
Mentor: Toshi Tsukiyama (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: “The role of chromatin folding and regulation in cellular quiescence”