Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

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Offering programs for all academic levels

Fred Hutch is committed to training the current and next generation of scientific leaders from diverse backgrounds. Our programs train scientists at all academic levels and help educators bring scientific research to school-age students. We are proud to introduce high school and undergraduate students to the thrills and challenges of scientific research in preparation for further study and advanced degrees. Our graduate degree and postdoctoral training programs prepare trainees to lead research and transition to independent careers. Training and professional development for faculty emphasize mentoring, leadership, and effective research management skills. All programs foster a love of science, a deeper understanding of biomedical research, and cultivate the skills necessary to succeed at each level.

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Fred Hutch is a leading research institution dedicated to promoting an inclusive environment and enhancing diversity among the next generation of scientists through participation in our training and education programs. Our training opportunities reflect the many biomedical disciplines and research interests pursued at Fred Hutch. Thus, students can train in basic, clinical, or public health sciences-focused research across a range of cancer and infectious disease topics that address fundamental aspects of biology and medicine.