Joint MCB Ph.D./Epidemiology M.S. Program

Interdisciplinary Training

Joint MCB Ph.D./Epidemiology M.S. Program

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Concurrent Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) PhD/ Epidemiology MS Program

Program Overview

The purpose of this program is to give Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) graduate students the opportunity to obtain an M.S. degree in Epidemiology concurrently with their Ph.D. degree. There is increasing demand for basic scientists who are prepared to conduct interdisciplinary research that translates findings in the laboratory to the clinical and population-based settings, and vice-versa. The goal of this concurrent degree program is to train basic scientists in modern epidemiological research methods, providing them with skills and knowledge that will position them for translational science-oriented post-doctoral positions and eventually leadership roles at academic research institutions as well as in industry. A one-year stipend for achieving the M.S. degree will be offered through NIH interdisciplinary training grants. Students apply to this concurrent degree program by submitting separate applications to the MCB PhD and Epidemiology MS programs by December 1 of the year prior to fall quarter in which they plan to begin the MCB PhD program. If a successful applicant to the MCB PhD program did not apply to the concurrent program at the time of his/her initial application, he/she may apply during the first quarter of his/her MCB PhD program. However, priority for slots will be given to students who applied before matriculation.

For further information, contact:

Stephen Schwartz,
Program Director