2014 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Training

2014 Fellows


Adam Dingens
Mentors: Dr Julie Overbaugh (Human Biology) and Dr. Jesse Bloom (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies pre- and post-superinfection: informing vaccine design"

Rigney Turnham
Mentors: Dr. John Scott (Pharmacology, UW) and Dr. Ray Yeung (Surgery, UW)
Proposal Title: "Characterization of a chimeric transcript of PKA and DNAJB1 in FL-HCC"

Aaron Miller
Mentors: Dr. Maitreya Dunham (Genome Sciences, UW) and Dr. Polly Newcomb (Public Health Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "Multiplexed mutation rate analysis for prediction of Lynch syndrome risk"

Amy Ferreccio
Mentors: Dr. Hannele Ruohola-Baker (Biochemistry, UW) and Dr. David Baker (Biochemistry, UW)
Proposal Title: "Generation of novel, high affinity Tie2 antagonists through protein design to block                                         aggressive cancer cell resistance to radiation and chemotherapy"



Michelle Cook Sangar
Mentors: Dr. Jim Olson (Clinical Research) and Dr. Roland Strong (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Development of a novel peptide:drug conjugate for the treatment of metastatic colorectal

Kimberly Jordan-Williams
Mentors: Dr. Alanna Ruddell (Comparative Medicine, UW) and Dr. Brian Iritani (Comparative Medicine, UW)
Proposal Title: "Lymph node lymphcyte depletion in cancer"

Rachel Bender Ignacio
Mentors: Dr. Corey Casper (VIDD) and Dr. Ann Duerr (VIDD)
Proposal Title: "Unmet demand for HIV treatment and survival after concurrent versus sequential                                              initiation of antiretrovirals with cancer-directed therapy at the Uganda Cancer Institute"

Kenneth Matreyek
Mentors: Dr. Douglas Fowler (Genome Sciences, UW) and Dr. Brian Shirts (Laboratory Medicine, UW)
Proposal Title: "Comprehensive Interpretation of Tumor Suppressor Variation in Cancer"

Mikaela Stewart
Mentors: Dr. Rachel Klevit (Biochemistry, UW) and Dr. Mary-Clair King (Medicine, UW)
Proposal Title: "Aiming BRCA1 to find the targets"

Julie Rytlewski
Mentors: Dr. Slobodan Beronja (Human Biology) and Dr. Eduardo Mendez (Clinical Research)
Proposal Title: "Understanding vascular niche modulation of squamous cell carcinoma to uncover new                                 anti-tumor targets"

Vivek Nandakumar
Mentors: Dr. William Grady (Clinical Research) and Dr. Mark Groudine (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Dissecting the impact of three-dimensional nuclear architecture in hypermethylated                                     colon cancers"