Interdisciplinary Training

2013 Fellows

The following is a list of the 2013 fellows, their mentors, and the titles of their proposals. An abstract of each fellow's project is available by clicking on their name.

Predoctoral Fellows

Katie Semmens
Mentors: Dr. Adam Geballe (Human Biology) and Dr. Harmit Malik (Basic Sciences)
Propoal Title: "Evolution of PKR antagonism in primate cytomegaloviruses"

Zoi Villasana
Mentors: Dr. Michael Lagunoff (Microbiology, UW) and Dr. Alejandro Wolf-Yadlin (Genome Science, UW)
Proposal Title: "Changes in glucose and glutamine utilization during KSHV infection"

Kristjana Asbjorndottir
Mentors: Dr. Grace John-Stewart (Epidemiology, UW) and Dr. Stephen DeRosa (VIDD)
Proposal Title: "Infant ART response and the role of host immune responses"

Angela Ulrich
Mentors: Dr. Ann Duerr (VIDD) and Dr. Steven Goodreau (Anthropology, UW)
Proposal Title: "Concurrency and acute infection: Drivers fo the HIV epidemic among men who have sex                                 with men in Lima, Peru?"

Patrick Mitchell
Mentors: Dr. Harmit Malik (Basic Sciences) and Dr. Michael Emerman (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: "Evolution of antiviral specificity and function of the primate Mx GTPases"

Postdoctoral Fellows

Joel Rosenbaum
Mentors: Dr. Rachel Klevit (UW Biochemistry) and Dr. David Hockenbery (Clinical Research)
Proposal Title: "HSPB1 and HSPB5 as Targets for Treating Chemoresistance in Cancers"

Kimberly Jordan-Williams
Mentors: Dr. Alanna Ruddell (Comparative Medicine, UW) and Dr. Andrew Farr (Biological Structure, UW)
Proposal Title: "mCLCA1 regulation of lymph node lymphangiogenesis"

Sheila Ganti
Mentors: Dr. Alanna Ruddell (Comparative Medicine, UW) and Dr. Brian Iritani (Comparative Medicine, UW)
Proposal Title: "Lymph node alterations in melanoma"

Amitahba Gupta
Mentors: Dr. Sue Biggins (Basic Sciences) and Dr. Charles Asbury (Physiology & Biophysics, UW)
Proposal Title: "Elucidating the multiple functions of CLASP in kinetochore biorientation"

Lucia Vojtech
Mentors: Dr. Florian Hladik (VIDD) and Dr. Muneesh Tewari (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: "Effect of exosomes and exosomal miRNA in semen on mucosal immunity to HIV"