Interdisciplinary Training

2009 Fellows

The following is a list of the 2009 fellows, their mentors, and the titles of their proposals. An abstract of each fellow's project is available by clicking on their name.

Karlyn Beer
MS in Epi student

Renee Chmelar
Mentors:  Dr. Norm Greenberg (Clinical) and Dr. Larry Rohrschneider (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Prostate Cancer Stem Cells"

Valerie Cortez
MS in Epi student

Paulo Campregher
Mentors: Dr. Edus Warren (Clinical) and Dr. Harlan Robins (PHS)
Proposal Title: "Diversity of Regulatory T Cells in Chronic GVHD after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplant"

Kavita Garg
Mentors: Dr. Muneesh Tewari (Human Biology) and Dr. Larry (Walter) Ruzzo (UW Computer Science)
Proposal Title: "Computational analysis of microRNA regulation in ovarian cancer."

Abraham Guerrero
Mentors: Dr. Michael Boeckeh (VIDD) and Dr. Stan Riddell (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "CMV-specific immunity after cord blood transplantation and studies on the persistence of T cell memory"

Christopher Hubert
Mentors:  Dr. Jim Olson (Clinical) and Dr. Patrick Paddison (Human Biology)
Proposal Title:  "Identification and Development of Synergistic Combination Therapies for Glioblastoma"

Joseph Jardine
Mentors:  Dr. Bill Schief (UW Biochemistry) and Dr. Roland Strong (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title:  "Next generation HIV vaccine design via the 2F5 epitope"

Elizabeth Larimore
Mentors: Dr. Bruce Clurman (Clinical, Human Biology) and Dr. Ning Zheng (UW Pharmacology)
Proposal Title: "Functional analyses of the Fbw7 tumor suppressor: genetic and structural approaches"

Efrem Lim
Mentors:  Dr. Michael Emerman (Human Biology) and Dr. Harmit Malik (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Evolution and antagonism of Viperin"

Erica Lovelace
Mentors: Julie Overbaugh (Human Biology) and Roland Strong (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Exploring the Interactions between Neutralizing Antibodies and HIV-1 Sensitive and Resistant Envelopes"

Justin Mirus
Mentors: Dr. Paul Lampe (PHS), Dr. Sunil Hingorani (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Use of a mouse model to improve methods to diagnose pancreatic cancer in humans"

Kelly Paulson
Mentors: Dr. Denise Galloway (Human Biology) and Dr. Paul Nghiem (UW Dermatology)
Proposal Title: "Merkel cell carcinoma and a new polyomavirus"

Brian Piening, Amgen Fellow
Mentors: . Amanda Paulovich (Clinical) and Dr. Pei Wang (PHS)
Proposal Title: "The role of genetic modifiers in DNA repair and breast cancer"

Indika Rajapakse
Mentors: Dr. Charles Kooperberg (PHS) and Dr. John Hansen (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Gene-gene Interactions: Methods and Applications for Transplant Research"

Joshua Schiffer
Mentors: Dr. Laith Abu-Raddad (VIDD) and Dr. Lawrence Corey(VIDD)
Proposal Title: "Use of Bioinformatics to Develop New Concepts in Viral Pathogenesis: A Mathematical Model of Herpes Simplex Virus-2 Pathogenesis"

Tom White
Mentors: Dr. Pete Nelson (Human Biology) and Dr. Janet Stanford (PHS)
Proposal Title: "MAOA expression variability: pathways and risks in Prostate Cancer