2007 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Training

2007 Fellows

Bahram Bahrami
Mentors:  Dr. Jim Olson (Clinical), Dr. Patrick Stayton (UW), and Dr. Dennis Shaw (UW)
Proposal Title: "Design of a drug delivery device for prioritization of cancer therapeutics"

Yu Chen, Amgen Fellow
Mentors: Dr. Chu Chen (PHS) and Dr. Pei Wang (PHS)
Proposal Title: "Genome-wide DNA Copy Number Abnormalities and Prognosis of Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma"

Renee Chmelar
Mentors:  Dr. Norm Greenberg (Clinical) and Dr. Larry Rohrschneider (Basic)
Proposal Title: "Prostate Cancer Stem Cells"

Sara Fagerlie
Mentors: Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb (Clinical) and Dr. Amanda Paulovich (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Generation of Fanconi Anemia Group B Canine Embryonic Stem Cells"

Gus Frangou
Mentors:  Dr. Mark Groudine (Basic) and Dr. Sam Hanash (PHS)
Proposal Title:  "Deciphering the Epigenetic Code: Molecular Profiling of Histone Post-translational Modifications Using FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry"

Jamie Guenthoer
Mentors: Dr. Peggy Porter (HB) and Dr. Steve Tapscott (HB)
Proposal Title:  "Genomic Loss and Gain and the Progression of Breast Cancer"

Eric Herbig
Mentors: Dr. Steve Hahn (Basic) and Dr. Barry Stoddard (Basic)
Proposal Title: "Mechanism of Gene Specific Activator Function"

Alexander Kohlmaier, Center Fellow
Mentors: Dr. Bruce Edgar (Basic) and Dr. Albert Folch (UW Bioengineering)
Proposal Title: "Control of the Cell Cycle by Mechanical Force"

Elizabeth Lester
Mentors:  Dr. Barry Stoddard (Basic) and Dr. Nina Salama (HB)
Proposal Title:  "Structural Genomics of Helicobactor pylori Essential Genes"

Daciana Margineantu, Hearst/Amgen Fellow
Mentors: Dr. David Hockenbery (HB and Clinical) and Dr. Dan Gottschling (Basic)
Proposal Title: "Defining the Cytoplasmic Degradation Pathway for Mitochondrial Proteins"

Brig Mecham
Mentors: Dr. Robert Gentleman (PHS) and Dr. Pete Nelson (HB)
Proposal Title: "Understanding the clinical relevance of mouse transgenic prostate cancer models"

Emma-Jane Poulton
Mentors: Dr. David Eaton (UW) and Dr. Danny Shen (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Antagonism of the Human Nuclear Hormone Receptor SXR, a Novel Mechanism of Action for the Chemopreventative Agent, Sulforaphane"

Indika Rajapakse
Mentors: Dr. Lue Ping Zhao (PHS) and Dr. John Hansen (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Gene-gene Interactions: Methods and Applications for Transplant Research"

Umut Ulge
Mentors: Dr. Ray Monnat (UW Pathology and Genome Sciences) and Dr. David Baker (UW Biochemistry)
Proposal Title: "Design of Novel Homing Endonucleases as Site-Specific Genomic Celavage Reagents"

Melissa Yong, Amgen/Center Fellow
Mentors: Dr. Johanna Lampe (PHS) and Wendy Leisenring(Clinical)
Proposal Title: "UGT Polymorphisms and Hormonally-mediated Biomarkers in Premenopausal Women"