2004 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Training

2004 Fellows

Chuck Carey
Mentors:  Dr. Suanne Rutherford (Basic) and Dr. Charles Kooperberg (PHS)
Proposal Title:  "Helicobactor pylori Essential Genes"

Dennis Chao
Mentors:  Dr. Brian Reid (HB, PHS) and Dr. Georg Luebeck (PHS)
Proposal Title:  "Computer Modelling in Barrett's Esophagus"

Yong Chi
Mentors:  Dr. Ruedi Aebersold (ISB) and Dr. Bruce Clurman (Clinical)
Proposal Title:  "Substrate Identification Using Engineered Cyclin-Dependent Kinase"

Sarah Holt
Mentors:  Dr. Mary Anne Rossing (PHS) and Dr. Chu Chen (PHS)
Proposal Title:  "Ovarian Cancer Risk Associated with Polymorphisms Involved in the Synthesis of Estrogen Intermediates"

Wendy Kuehl
Mentors:  Dr. Johanna Lampe (PHS) and Dr. Danny Shen (Clinical)
Proposal Title:  "Effects of UGT1A6 and CYP2C9 Polymorphisms in the Metabolism of Aspirin"

Dara Lehman
Mentors:  Dr. Julie Overbaugh (HB)
Proposal Title:  "The Emergence and Persistance of Antiretroviral Resistant HIV-1 Variants"

Elizabeth Lester
Mentors:  Dr. Barry Stoddard (Basic) and Dr. Nina Salama (HB)
Proposal Title:  "Helicobactor pylori Essential Genes"

Bree Mitchell
Mentors:  Dr. Paul Lampe (PHS), Dr. Mark Roth (Basic) and Dr. Yutaka Yasui (PHS)
Proposal Title:  "Development and Implementation of an Antibody Array for Colon Cancer Screening"

Molly Orton
Mentors:  Dr. Michael Emerman (HB) and
Proposal Title:  "Host vs. Virus: Genetic Conflict Between Evolving Antiviral Host Genes and their Antagonistic Viral Counterpoints"

Pam Schwartz 
Mentors: Dr. David Hockenbery (HB, Clinical) and Dr. Ian Sweet (UW Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Nutrition)
Proposal Title:  "BCL-XL Function"

Roland Walter
Mentors: Dr. Irwin Bernstein (Clinical) and Dr. Jonathan Cooper (Basic)
Proposal Title:  "Internalization of Anti-CD33 Antibodies"