2003 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Training

2003 Fellows

Ru Chen
Mentors: Dr. Teri Brentnall (UW Medicine) and Dr. Ruedi Aebersold (Institute for Systems Biology)
Proposal Title:  "Identification of Pancreatic Cancer Biomarkers Using Proteomics

Yong Chi
Mentors:  Dr. Bruce Clurman (Clinical and HB) and Dr. Ruedi Aebersold (Institute for Systems Biology)
Proposal Title:  "Substrate Identification Using Engineered Cyclin-Dependent Kinases"

Danielle Friedrichsen
Mentors: Dr. Elaine Ostrander (Clinical and HB) and Dr. Janet Stanford (PHS)
Proposal Title: "Cloning Genes for Susceptibility to Breast and Prostate Cancer"

Itay Furman , Immunex Fellow
Mentors:  Dr. Leonid Kruglyak (HB) and Dr Elaine Ostrander (Clinical and HB)
Proposal Title:  "Sequence-based Linkage Analysis"

Yi Cao , Immunex Fellow
Mentors:  Dr. Stephen Tapscott (HB) and Dr. Charles Kooperberg (PHS)
Proposal Title:   "Statistical Analysis of Patterned Gene Expression"

Bree Mitchell
Mentors: Dr. Paul Lampe (PHS), Mark Roth (Basic), and Yutaka Yasui (PHS)
Proposal Title:  "Development and Implementation of an Antibody Array for Colon Cancer Screening"

Carol O'Hear
Mentors: Dr. Jeff Foote (HB) and Dr. John Slattery (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Antibody Buffering: A Novel Mechanism for Drug Delivery"

Kim Robien
Mentors: Dr. Neli Ulrich (PHS) and Dr. Jerry Radich (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Folate Status and Risk of Relapse Following Hematopoietic Cell Transplant for Chronic MyelogenousLleukemia"

Michael Schlador
Mentors: Dr. Barbara Trask (HB) and Dr. Daniel Storm (UW Pharmacology)
Proposal Title: "The Role of Natural Genetic Variation in Odorant Recognition"

Sid H. Siahpush
Mentors:  Dr. Tom Vaughan (PHS), Dr. Chu Chen (PHS), and Dr. Brian Reid (Human Biology)
Proposal Title: "Insulin-like Growth Factors and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma"

Vladimir Vigdorovich
Mentors: Dr. Dusty Miller (HB) and Dr. Roland Strong (Basic)
Proposal Title: "Characterization of the Receptor-Binding Site of JSRV Envelope Glycoprotein"