1999 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Training

1999 Fellows

Tracey Baas
Mentors: Dr. Tom Sasaki (UW Chemistry) and Dr. Bill Atkins (UW Medicinal Chemistry)
Proposal Title: "The Design, Synthesis, and Screening of GSH-porphyrin-GSH Bifunctional Inhibitor"

Brett Chevalier
Mentors: Dr. Ray Monnat (UW Pathology) and Dr. Barry Stoddard (Basic Sciences)
Proposal Title: "Engineering Homing Endonucleases as Gene-Specific Reagents for Cancer Therapy"

Harry Hwang, M.D.
Mentors: Dr. Bruce Clurman (Clinical) and Dr. Peggy Porter (PHS)
Proposal Title: "Cell Cycle Analysis in Multi-step Tumorigensis"

Bob Kimmel, M.D.
Mentors: Dr. Paul Nieman (Basic Sciences) and Dr. Scott Davis (PHS)
Proposal Title: "Repression of CTCF in the Context of Chromatin and its Role in myc Dysregulation and Thyroid Carcinoma"

Chris Meiering
Mentors: Dr. Maxine Linial (Basic) and Dr. Phil Greenberg (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Persistent Foamy Virus Infection"

Mette Peters, Ph.D.
Mentors: Dr. Elaine Ostrander (Clinical) and Dr. Janet Stanford (PHS)
Proposal Title: "Analysis of Prostate Cancer Susceptibility Genes"