1998 Fellows

Interdisciplinary Training

1998 Fellows

Hearst Fellow: Casey Crump, M.D.
Mentors: Dr. Noel Weiss (PHS), Dr. Fred Appelbaum (Clinical) and Dr. Chu Chen (PHS)
Proposal Title: "The Glutathione S-transferase Theta 1 Gene Deletion And Risk Of Acute Myelocytic Leukemia"

Immunex Fellow: Ellen Goode
Mentors: Dr. Janet Stanford (PHS) and Dr. Elaine Ostrander (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Genetic Epidemiology Of Prostate Cancer"

Hearst Fellow: Chris Meiering
Mentors: Dr. Maxine Linial (Basic) and Dr. Phil Greenberg (Clinical)
Proposal Title: "Persistent Foamy Virus Infection"

Hearst Fellow: Yeu-Perng Nieh, Ph.D.
Mentors: Dr. Kam Zhang (Basic) and Dr. Lueping Zhao (PHS)
Proposal Title: "Statistical Methods For Protein Structure Prediction"

Kilworth Fellow: David Winkler, Ph.D.
Mentors: Dr. Jonathan Cooper (Basic) and Dr. Chris Kemp (PHS)
Proposal Title: "The Role of Ras Activated Signal Transduction In Environmental And Genetic Carcinogenesis"