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Board Organization

Hutch United has a Board of four graduate student and postdoc volunteers who oversee the scope of the organization, ensure that our events are in line with our mission, and guide committees of HU members who organize and run HU events. An Advisory Council provides periodic insight regarding major initiatives and the overall direction of HU.

Hutch United Board


Erin dela Cruz, Co-Chair
Graduate Student, Fredricks Lab
Vaccines and Infectious Disease


Jackie Lang, Co-Chair
Graduate Student, Biggins Lab
Basic Sciences


Laura Gaydos, Internal Operations Officer
Postdoc, Priess Lab
Basic Sciences


Alexandre Neves, External Affairs Officer
Postdoc, Eisenman Lab
Basic Sciences

Hutch United Advisory Council


Juan Cotto, Diversity Council Advisor
Human Resources/ OD and Learning


Julie Overbaugh, Faculty Advisor
Human Biology and Public Health Sciences


Karen Peterson, Career Advisor
Director of the Office of Scientific Career Development
Scientific Ombudsman


Raquel Sanchez, Administrative Advisor
Human Biology Administrator

Administrative Manager


Shawn Koyano, Administrative Manager
Human Biology Administrative Manager

Past Board Members

  • Antonio Abeyta, Hutch United Founder (Current:  Teaching Fellow in Biology, Gonzaga University)
  • Kiran Dhillon, Hutch United Founder (Current:  Director of Scientific Programs, Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer)
  • Lucie Etienne, Hutch United Founder (Current:  Assistant Professor, Chargée de Recherche, CNRS)
  • Oliver Fregoso, Hutch United Founder (Current:  Assistant Professor in Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics, UCLA)
  • Andrea Casasola (Current:  Postdoc, Stirewalt Lab, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Search Center)

Past Advisory Council Members

  • Andrea Brocato, Human Biology, Previous Administrative Manager

Current HU Members on Organizational Committees

HUMN Committee
  • Terry Stevens-Ayers, Research Technician, VIDD - Committee Lead
  • April Alfiler, Data Coordinator, PHS
  • Jolene Glenn, Research Technician, VIDD
  • Wei Jin, Postdoc, HB
  • Yiting Lim, Postdoc, HB
  • Anna MacCamy, Research Technician, VIDD
  • Jitendra Thakur, Research Associate, BS
  • Athea Vichas, Postdoc, BS
  • Laura Gaydos, Postdoc, BS
Scientific Seminar 2017
  • Molly Oh'Ainle, Staff Scientist, HB - Committee Lead
  • Jitendra Thakur, Research Associate, BS
  • Athea Vichas, Postdoc, BS
  • Stephanie Shadbolt, Associate Director, VIDD
  • Alexandre Neves, Postdoc, BS
Diversity Seminar 2017
  • Daniel Stone, Senior Staff Scientist, VIDD - Committee Lead
  • Ted Gobillot, Graduate Student, HB
  • Karen Hou, Data Coordinator, CRD
  • Vasundhara Sridharan, Graduate Student, BS
  • Erin dela Cruz, Graduate Student, VIDD
  • Laura Gaydos, Postdoc, BS
Inclusivity Workshop January 2017
  • Michael Cargill, Graduate Student, CRD
  • Anna MacCamy, Research Technician, VIDD
  • Delia Pinto-Santini, Project Coordinator, VIDD
  • Srinivas Ramachandran, Postdoc, BS
  • Jean Yi, Senior Staff Scientist, CRD
  • Jackie Lang, Graduate Student, BS
Outreach Committee 2016-2017
  • Michelle Hays, Graduate Student, BS
  • Liza Ray, High School Internship Program
  • Stephanie Shadbolt, Associate Director, VIDD
  • Jackie Lang, Graduate Student, BS

Former HU Organizational Comittee Members

  • Javier Aguilera, Postdoc, HB
  • David Boyd, Graduate Student, HB
  • Guo-Liang Chew, Postdoc, PHS
  • Rossana Colon-Thillet, Graduate Student, BS
  • Matt Daugherty, Postdoc, BS
  • Abraham Gutierrez, Graduate Student, BS
  • Suja Jagannathan, Postdoc, PHS
  • Dara Lehman, Senior Staff Scientist, HB
  • Tera Levin, Postdoc, NS
  • Aimee Littleton, Research Administrator, BS
  • Heather Noble, Data Operations Manager, VIDD
  • Laura Martinez, Graduate Student, HB
  • Gerald Mbara, Graduate Student, HB
  • Bish Paul, Graduate Student, CRD
  • Daniel Ramirez, Research Technician, BS
  • Raabya Rossenkhan, Postdoc, VIDD
  • Tyrel Smith, Postdoc, CRD
  • Bargavi Thyagarajan, Postdoc, PHS/BS
  • Jacqui Wallis, Research Technician, VIDD
  • Michelle Wurscher, Research Technician, PHS