Graduate Students

Mentor Summary Form

Please complete the following set of questions and send as a Word document or PDF to Training Grant Administrator, Shama Samant

Mentor summary of applicant

Student name:


Mentor name:


1.  How does this student compare to other students in their graduate program?  


2.  How many students have you had in your lab and where does this student rank  overall among those students in terms of potential?    


3.  Please compare the applicant to the student directly above them on this list in terms of intellect and potential as an independent scientist, creativity, motivation, and communication skills.   For this comparison, please include the name and accomplishments of the prior student you are using for comparison.   If you have not had many students, feel free to compare the applicant to another recent student in their graduate program.  


4.  Is the applicant at a point where they have a clear thesis proposal and a strong grasp of the project?


5.  Are they close to submitting a manuscript and if so briefly describe?