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Viral Pathogenesis Training Grant

Description of Training Program

The Viral Pathogenesis Training Program is designed to link students from a variety of graduate programs who are currently training in virology laboratories in Seattle. The program brings together laboratories at the FHCRC and UW with the goal of drawing on the rich history of viral research at these institutions to form a unique training opportunity for Seattle-area graduate students. The participating laboratories include those led by established leaders in viral pathogenesis research, promising junior faculty, as well as senior investigators who have recently expanded their research to include the study of viruses.  These research groups all have very vibrant and actively funded research programs and a commitment to graduate student training.  The shared focus on mechanisms of viral pathogenesis is designed to create an umbrella for the students who are funded by this training grant that enhances the graduate training.

Eligibility for the Viral Pathogenesis Training Grant (VPTG):  Students must be doing their thesis work with a mentor who participates in the VPTP (click here for a faculty list).  Trainees must be U. S. citizens, non-citizen national or have permanent residence status. 

Funding will include support for the student stipend (NRSA predoctoral stipend level for predoctoral trainees is $1948/month) and benefits, and partial support of tuition. Mentors will be responsible for some portion of the tuition support not covered by the VPTG.  Note that this training grant is managed by the University of Washington; thus pay and benefits will be through UW. 

Students beginning their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of graduate school as of Sept, 2016 are eligible to submit an application for 1 or 2 years of support.

In addition to the curriculum required by the student’s graduate program, students who are funded by the VPTG will be required to take (or have taken) courses that will enhance their training in viral pathogenesis, including one required course in viral pathogenesis (MCB532), and one of several elective courses, which will include topics relevant to current program research (either PABIO 552, IMMUN 532, MCB 551 or MCB/FHCRC 533).    In addition, because of the importance of science writing in the careers of academic scientists, the training grant-funded students will be provided the opportunity for additional training in this area. 

The application period is now closed. Please check back in Spring 2017.

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For further information, contact:
Shama Samant, Training Grant Administrator
Julie Overbaugh,
Program Director