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Courses Offered at Fred Hutch


MCB 539 
Biological Basis of Neoplasia (3 Credits)
Spring 2018

Location: Fred Hutch Campus, Weintraub Bldg., Rm. B1-072/074
Meeting Time: Tues & Thurs, 3:20 to 4:40
Instructors: David MacPherson (Fred Hutch/UW Pathology Affiliate), Bob Eisenman (Fred Hutch/UW Biochemistry Affiliate)

This course allows students to gain experience in applying the several disciplines which comprise cellular and molecular biology toward a deeper understanding of a complex biological problem: neoplastic change. The course consists of a series of lectures and discussion meetings to introduce students to the major themes in research in the cellular and molecular biology of neoplastic change. They cover principal molecular mechanisms responsible for tumor initiation and progression, with a specific emphasis on DNA repair mechanisms, cell cycle checkpoints and loss of normal tissue homeostasis. The latest state of the art research in  Cancer Biology will be presented by invited scientists experts in their relevant field.  The discussion meetings will concentrate on selected major papers in cancer biology and be presented and discussed by the students with help and guidance of the instructors.  

Student overall participation, activity during discussions, quality and depth of the research paper presentation, and the written research proposal on one of the topics in cancer biology will be used for course credit and grading.

Prerequisites: Introductory biochemistry and cell biology.

For more information contact: David MacPherson  (206) 667-6464 or Bob Eisenman, (206) 667-4445

MCB 539 Course Description

MCB 516 
MCB Literature Review (2 non-graded Credits)
Spring 2018

Location: Fred Hutch Campus, Weintraub Bldg., Rm. B1-074/076
Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 4:00-5:20
Instructors: Nina Salama (Fred Hutch/UW Microbiology Affiliate), Rich Gardner (UW Pharmacology Department)

For more information contact Nina Salama, (206) 667-1540

MCB 516 Course Description


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