Seattle Genetic Instability and Cancer Symposium

Symposium Schedule

Seattle Genetic Instability and Cancer Symposium

April 23, 2014, 8:30am - 6:30pm in Pelton Auditorium

8:30am            Poster setup and Coffee

9:00-9:10         Welcome

9:10-10:30       Session 1: Chromosome Structure and Dynamics

               Ferhat AyGenome architecture in action: Gene regulation via 3D chromatin organization in                   a malarial parasite

               Laura LeeRegulation of the S phase checkpoint by chromatin remodelers

               Emily MazankaAllosteric activation of the outer-kinetochore Ndc80 complex by the MIND                      complex

               SaraH ZandersHow to cheat at sex and win


10:30-10:50     Coffee Break and Poster setup

10:50-12:05     Session 2: DNA Repair and Genetic Instablity Disorders

               Ashwini KamathSphingosine stimulates the activity of translesion DNA polymerases

               Keffy KehrliHDAC1 histone deacetylase acts in parallel with the Werner syndrome RECQ                  helicase to protect hydroxyurea-stalled forks in human cells

               Masaoki KawasumiImmediate caffeine exposure following UV suppresses carcinogenesis                   in skin, potentially blocking error-prone lesion bypass

               Nicholas WallaceBeta human papillomavirus E6 expression inhibits p53 stabilization and                      increases the tolerance of genomic instability


12:10 – 2:00     Lunch and Poster Session (B1-72/74/76 combo room)

2:00 – 3:00       Keynote Address, Dr. Andre Nussenzweig

3:00 – 4:20       Session 3: Cancer Genetics, Genomics and Genome Engineering

                Kiran DhillonAltered DNA repair gene expression contributes to cisplatin resistance in                       breast and ovarian cancer

                Keisha CarlsonA novel method to measure genetic instablity of short tandem repeats

                Bish PaulDeveloping more efficient protective therapies against HIV by combining                               megaTAL nuclease driven genome engineering and 06BG/BCNU chemoselection

                Habil ZareInferring clonal composition from multiple sections of a breast cancer

4:20 – 4:30        Closing Remarks

4:30 –6:30         Reception and Poster Session (B1-72/74/76 combo room)


Registration is required to attend the Lunch, Reception and Poster sessions. The symposium talks are open to the public and do not require registration. Registration is now CLOSED.